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Grand Champions shown by Jetton, Pace
at Wichita County Junior Livestock Show

Several Iowa Park students participated this past week in the 2016 Wichita County Junior Livestock Show at the JS Bridwell Ag Center in Wichita Falls.
Mitchell Pace and Cougar Jetton led the local group, with Pace showing the Grand Champion Turkey Hen, and Jetton the Grand Champion Pen of 3 Fryers.
There were three Reserve Champions from Iowa Park, including Mason Sullivan (Meat Goat), Georgia Haggart (Single Fryer), and Pace (Turkey Hen).
Haggart also earned Senior Showmanship in her division.
“I am proud of each student that represented the Iowa Park FFA,” said IPHS Ag Science teacher Tiffany Holland. “We truly have great students at Iowa Park, and their hard work and determination paid off at the livestock show.
“I am thankfull and blessed to be a part of a community where the Iowa Park FFA has such great support from parents, community members, and the school district.”
“I’m just super proud of our hard working kids,” said IPHS Ag Science Advisor Misty Eppler.
Following is a list of Iowa Park students exhibiting their projects at the show, with division and special placing in parenthesis:
McKena Shafer (1, Senior Showmanship), Haley Kosse (1), Josh Witherspoon (3), Makenzie Fowler (3), Andy Eastep (3), Makenzie Fowler (4), Emilee Jordan (5), Kaylie McCarty (5), Skyler Curtis (6), Addison McCarty (7), and Taybor Eastep.
Casey Fung (1, Breed Champion), and McKena Shafer (3).
McKinley Lee (1, Reserve Breed Champion, Intermediate Showmanship), Sierra Peirce (1), Brody Beavers (1), Sierra Peirce (1), Karah Scobee (1), Haiden Kosse (1), Allie Tole (1), McKinley K Lee (1, Reserve Breed Champion), Karah Scobee (2), Reid Lalk (2), Micah Scobee (2), Maison Peterson (2), Kyle Graham (2), Karah Scobee (2), Raelynn Armstrong (2), Jenna Bounds (3), Chloe Holland (3), Sierra Peirce (3), Grady Bounds (3), Kyle Graham (4) Dawson Beavers (4), Cason Green (4), Jenna Bounds (4), Kyle Graham (4), Russell Price (4), Tyler Richardson (4), Stephan Harris (4), Gavin Keller (5), Billy Pearson (5), Reid Lalk (5), Cameron Forsythe (5), Jacey Shipp (5), Cameron Forsythe (5), Micah Scobee (5), Cason Green (5), Montana Lehman (5), Gavin Keller (6) Baylee Wheeler (6), Grady Bounds (6), Baylee Wheeler (6), Jacey Shipp (6), Montana Lehman (6), Reid Lalk (6), Chloe Holland (6), Maison Peterson (7), Dawson Beavers (7), Micah Scobee (8), Baylee Wheeler (8), Chloe Partridge, Kennedy Faulkner, Chi Lalk and Tyler Ohm.
Sierra Peirce (4), and Stephan Harris.
Makenzie Fowler (4), Joseph Persick (5), Kellan Kaufhold (6)and Kirklynd Britt.
Josh Witherspoon (1), Natalie Ewing (2), Hayden Lovelady (2), Hayden Lovelady (2), Haley Kosse (2), Kirklynd Britt (3), Kellan Kaufhold (3), Kinsey Freeman (4), Natalie Ewing (4), Makenzie Fowler (4), Randae Suarez (5), Kellan Kaufhold (5), Justin Skinner (5), Josheph Persick (5), and Kati Skinner (6).
Addison McCalip (4, Senior Showmanship), Ryan Routh (5), Ryan Routh (7), Wyatt Edwards, Maddison Edwards, Cade Harlow, and Joseph Bever.
Erin Rae Fairchild (5), Kaylee Reis (7), Emmeline Wetherbee (9, Junior Showmanship), Makenzie Folwer (11), Makenzie Fowler (12), Kaylee Reis (14), Carter Partridge (16), Raelynn Armstrong, Maddison Edwards, Carter Partridge, Georgia Haggart, Mason Bradberry, Joshua Harper, Macy McLemore, and Nathan Potter.
Kaylee Reis (8), Makenzie Fowler (11), Cougar Jetton, and Macy McLemore.