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Rodgers, Cooper win it the easy way

by Dolores Hamilton
The school trustee election scheduled for May 11 was officially cancelled at Thursday's meeting of the Iowa Park CISD school board.

The school's election administrator, Jonathan Clubb, said the two candidates, Merle Rodgers, Place 4 and Ken Cooper, Place 5, had been certified as unopposed and are elected. They will be sworn in as board members in May.

Rodgers, who is District Manager of Progressive Waste Solutions (IESI), will be serving his second term and is currently vice president of the board. Cooper is a 1993 graduate of Iowa Park High School, attended Midwestern State University, and is employed at Harris Nursery. He and his wife Heather have a son, Matthew, who is a freshman at IPHS.

Steve Moody was officially approved by the trustees as lone finalist for IPCISD Superintendent, and will take over the position vacated by Jerry Baird who is retiring.

Trustees approved Xirrus as the wireless network contractor for the schools. Mike Parchman, the school district's Information Technology (IT) Director, explained wireless coverage in the school system. He said he favored Xirrus because of their coverage and density. According to Parchman, most of the schools in Region 9, such as Graham, Burkburnett and Bowie, as well as Plano, Denison and Coppell in the Metroplex, have gone with the company.

Cost of the wireless internet network is $175,000, which came in under the $200,000 that was budgeted. Parchman said it would take one and a half to two months to install, and work should begin around June 3.

Moody said they were putting out bid proposals on the security camera system and they should also be ready to start installation in June.

Board members conducted the first reading of Board Policy Update 96. They also heard a progress report on work at the stadium from architect Jackie Lebow, who said work was moving along quite rapidly. He said site work has been accomplished, press boxes and bleachers are gone, the scoreboard is down, and the pads are about complete for the big concession stand and field house.

Following an executive session, professional personnel contracts were renewed and include the following:

HIGH SCHOOL - Shane Adkins, math; Esther Berndt, foreign language; Christi Blagg, special ed.; Carl Brown social studies; Jeremy Carroll, math; Timothy Clark, athletics; Leslie Crumb, special ed.; Kendra Davis, science; Cindy Dunn, CTE; Kerri Fisher,fine arts; David Fuhrman, math; Jennifer Gonzales, foreign language; Joanne Hawkins, math; Ed Hefti, fine arts; Brenda Hodges, social studies; Sabrina Hutson, CTE, Caroline James, fine arts; Patricia Jordan, ELA; Christi Knight, CTE; Jacinda Langen, social studies; Ricky Ledford, athletics; Amber Lee, ELA; Brandy Lowery, ELA; Brian Major, ISS.

Also, Amanda McMillan, CTE; Wendy Meadows, CTE; Gregory Miller, fine arts; Jennifer Miller, social studies; Deborah Moody, fine arts; Taleigha Murray, math; Sarah Ostermann, special ed.; Kimberly Price, CTE; Kevin Pugh, science; Alan Reed, CTE; Brianne Rusk, foreign language; Derick Simpson, CTE; Cindy Skjelstad, math; Hugh Smith, science; Lori Strader, social studies; Christy Strahan, CTE; Shellye Sullivan ELA; Justin Swenson, ELA; Michael Swenson, social studies; Johnna Vest, science; Erin Wood, science.

MIDDLE SCHOOL - Adam Arredondo, 7th grade science, boys athletics; Ronnie Benson, tennis and outdoor ed.; Andy Bruner, special ed.; Scott Davenport, 7th grade science, boy's athletics; Lisa Dyer, girls PE and girls athletics; Misty Eppler Ermis, 7th grade science; Kellie Gibson, 7th grade math; Holly Hawkins, 6th grade ELA; Harlan Hayes Lowe, 7th grade math and boys athletics; Kathy Mickus, special ed. and Dyslexia; Brandi Neville, 7th and 8th grade history; Carol Newton, 8th grade ELA, creative design, and girls athletics; Mendi Patterson, 7th grade ELA and girls athletics; Stephanie Roberts, computer and journalism; Laura Smith, 6th grade math; Francie Stanford, 7th grade ELA and 6th grade creative communications; Nancy Thompson, choir; Jodi Trietsch,6th grade ELA; Christonia Tucker,6th and 8th grade math; Danielle Welch, 8th grade speech; Tricia Wells, 7th grade ELA; Elizabeth Wetherbee, band; Crystal Wininger, 8th grade math; Katy Young, 6th grade science; replacement for Mike Bowling, 6th grade history.

BRADFORD ELEMENTARY - 5th Grade: Jeannette Slack, Jayna Case, Donna Davis, Galyia Waters, Denise Alsup, Cindy Routh, Mindy Haynes. 4th Grade: Alicia Meza, Carol Olds, Brandy Rhoades, Kelli Busby, Monna Myers, Rebecca Pedon, Leslie Towry. 3rd Grade: Monica Huchton, Valerie Dillard, Tamara Dickerson, Julie Dietrichson, Rebecca Moore, Tiffany McCalip, Michelie Byrne. Specials: Jennifer Roberts, PE; Tandra Williams, Dyslexia; Sue Scott, G/T; Tracy Young SPED; Julianne Swedberg, SPED; Sabra Wright, music.

KIDWELL ELEMENTARY - Lee Ann Bryant, 1st grade; Kristina Burns, 2nd grade; Amy Catlin, 2nd grade; Carmen Davis, 1st grade; Tanya Daume, reading intervention; Shelly Edwards, PPCD; Candace Greene, 2nd grade; Annetti Grinnell, special ed; Wyvonna Hinkle, special ed; Phyllis Hunter, kindergarten; Marianne Jensen, kindergarten; Vicki Johnson, kindergarten; Darla Jordan, pre-kindergarten; Kasey Major, kindergarten; Christie McIlroy, 1st grade; Marlaina McKnight, kindergarten; Lindsey McShan, 2nd grade; Mickie Moody, 2nd grade; Cynthia Patton, 1st grade; Pat Raby, kindergarten; Tricia Reed, pre-kindergarten; Stevie Richter, kindergarten; Debbie Rowland, music; Heather Rusk, 1st grade; Miranda Sanders, 2nd grade; Sue Scott, gifted & talented; Molly Schubert, 1st grade; Jamie Shipp, nurse; Michelle Turner, physical education; Neysia Wilson, 2nd grade.

HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS COACHES - Jacinda Langen, Brenda Hodges, Brianne Rusk, Jeremy Carroll, Ricky Ledford.

HIGH SCHOOL BOYS COACHES - Brian Major, Tim Clark, Shane Adkins, Michael Swenson, Justin Swenson, Adam Arredondo, Payton Jackson.

JR. HIGH GIRLS COACHES - Lisa Dyer, Carol Newton, Mendi Patterson.

JR. HIGH BOYS COACHES - Hayes Lowe, Scott Davenport.
TENNIS - David Fuhrman, high school boys and girls; Ronnie Benson, junior high boys and girls.

The contracts of Randy Alsup, resource/police officer; Mike Parchman, technology director; and Mathew Voss, technology, were also renewed.

Also, the resignations of Carl Brown and Mikel Bowling were accepted, effective May 31, as well as that of Teresa Jameson, whose last day is March 31.