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Letters of thanks from the community

Card of Thanks
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the Volunteer Firemen that worked so tirelessly protecting our area. My Father was a Volunteer Fireman all my years growing up. I remember him being gone so much of the time. It seems now the Volunteer Firemen are the first responders and they make so many calls for all types of help. They spend countless hours away from their jobs with loss of income serving our needs. I don't think we could ever spend as many hours from our business as they do theirs and still make ends meet.
This letter is not only to Thank them all for their dedication and service but I would like to encourage each and every household served by these group of dedicated professionals to purchase a WalMart gift card for each member of the department. The amount should be according to what your household can afford keeping in mind what would we do without them....include it in a Thank You Note and take it to their meeting! Maybe this will help offset some of the sacrifices they have made for all of us!
Let's not forget the tires are ruined on the fire trucks and they are in desperate need of service now.
We as a community must pull together and help each other. I have not figured any other way to help repay them other than this. Please everyone....go spend a few dollars and some time to show them just how much we appreciate them after all they have done for us!
Also encourage our City Council to find the monies to fund at least one First Responder thru the Fire Dept. Elections for council members is soon approaching. Research each candidate and their cooperation with the Fire Dept.
Hopefully this past week has reinforced how important our Fire Dept and First Responders are and how proud we are of them!!!
Remember Walmart gift cards in any amount for each member and a great big THANK
YOU! What would we do without them?
From Us Personally - A great big THANK YOU!
Laszlo & Kathy Papp

Card of Thanks
Firefighters & Friends,

We will be forever thankful to the many firefighters that helped save our home Friday night. Just seeing those red trucks heading our direction gave us a glimmer of hope. Without these brave firefighters risking their lives, many more homes would have been lost that night.
We can actually see the tire tracks that circled our house as they put out the fires all around it. Over the last few days, each time we look at those tracks, we thank God again for these courageous firefighters.
We would also like to thank Kyle & Trisha Wells for allowing us to watch from their home and for being with us through it all, to Renato & Becky Pedon for providing food that night, to Jim & Judy Stevens for feeding us on Sunday, and to all our many friends that called, texted, came by, and prayed for us!
We will be eternally grateful. We are truly blessed.
Mikel & Janet Bowling

Thank you letters to firemen

Thank you to everyone who worked and fought so hard and diligently to contain the fire in the 367 W area Friday. There are no words to completely express our deepest gratitude to ALL. Emergency and utility crews from all over passed by us as we waited for news on our home. Each of these crews were God sent to us and may they be blessed abundantly for their service.
Again, thank you to ALL. David White, thank you for helping Mark, you are a very good friend, we love you. Thank you to all our family and friends who contacted us, came by and checked on us, prayed with us, we love each of you. We feel blessed our home was saved, but we have neighbors that lost everything. Please pray for healing and lend support to these families.
Always support your area volunteer fire departments, you never know when you will need them. Iowa Park is a great place to live.
With sincere thanks and gratitude,
Mark and Tammie Patterson
1 Thessalonians 5:18

I would just like to say thanks to all the firefighters in Iowa Park and surrounding areas. Thank you for your faithfulness in fighting these fires and taking time away from your job and family. These men risk their lives to save our homes, cars, and families. They do an awesome job and we need to take time to say thanks more often. If it wasn’t for our firefighters many of us would be homeless. Thanks again for all you do for our community.
Kristy Cline and Family

We would like to say thank you to all the firefighters and all personnel that helped with the terrible wildfires. We really appreciate all of you.
Judie and RC Morgan

Words can’t express the admiration I have for the endless hot hours you all worked for others. I know you don’t get paid with money, but know your pay is a thankful heart, admiration, and respect. Thank you for giving your all and to your families who support your desire to help our community in this very important way. Great Job!
Coleta M Grubbs

We would just like to say a HUGE Thank You! to all the firefighters and to the police and other law enforcement agencies for the wonderful jobs they did during the wildfires last Friday. We would also like to add another thank you to the city employees from Iowa Park who were also helping and keeping things together here in town while others were out helping with the fires. Everyone is so sorry for the people who lost their homes and other valuables, but it could have been much worse if we did not have such a great fire department. Again, thank you so much.
Lori and Jeff Shierry

Thank you to all of the firefighters, police officers and the countless citizens who selflessly give of themselves, especially during times of such great need. You are shining examples of what it means to be a community and are truly a blessing. You all make Iowa Park a better place to live and make us proud to call it “Home.”
Jim and Lori Blake

God bless all of you. We all have family and friends down there and you heroes are fighting for all of them. I understand and have been thru all of what you are experiencing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Mark A. Wammack
Ellis County

We would like to thank the volunteer firefighters for their tireless efforts to control the fires this past weekend. A very special thanks to the Iowa Park Fire Department. After three days of fighting fires they quickly responded to the fire of our barns on Sunday evening. Even though they were very fatigued, they fought very hard and were able to save one barn that would have burned.
We so appreciate their dedication to the residents of Iowa Park.
Judy and Mike Mitchell

I’m not sure words could ever express the gratitude of so many people to all of the volunteers who helped fight the massive wildfires over the past weekend. Although our home was never in immediate anger, it was much too close for comfort.
The hours these volunteers spend away from their own homes and families can never be replaced. The families of these heroes deserve recognition, as well. A strong support system is a must for this type of dedication. It is sad that it takes a tragedy such as this to let these people know how much we appreciate them.
I think we should all dig a little deeper in our pockets and send donations to the Iowa Park Volunteer Fire Department to help them recover from the expenses involved in protecting our homes. . . who knows, next time it could be your home! What a great place to live! Again, thank you everyone!
James and Darla Jordan

There are no words to adequately express the gratitude we feel for your hard work all day Friday, through the weekend, and every other time you head out to a fire or emergency. We don’t say thanks often enough, but this weekend was a reminder of what you as volunteer firefighters face on a regular basis.
And to your families, thank you too for allowing the community to take time away from your spouse and/or child. You are true hometown heroes!
Pat and Sheri Kennedy

Although putting together the “right words” is what I do each week as I wright articles for the Leader, I find it very hard to come up with the “right words” to express my appreciation to the fire fighters and other first responders and citizens who worked so hard to save our community Friday as a wildfire threatened to turn everything in it’s path to ashes. The volunteer firemen left their families at home, their paying jobs and some closed their businesses to meet flames head-on that seemed to reach the sky, to protect our loved ones and property. These guys are volunteers, but I would put them up against any paid fire department in the country. They lay their lives on the line to protect and save our community, and for this we are thankful. This special breed of people have my up most respect. We know the many volunteer firemen fighting the fire Friday, were giving it their all and praying that no one would lose their home. However, being the kind of people they are, they would be disappointed if thanks were not extended to the many others who did what they could that day to help. Iowa Park City crews from the Water and Street Departments rushed to help save property. Their creative thinking saved a home from total destruction by using a piece of equipment designed to clean sewer lines with high pressure water to put out a fire that ignited in town. Several others including the city manager and a retired Wichita Falls fire fighter also worked to save the home. Several Iowa Park CISD employees rushed to help water down homes on Old Electra Road in an attempt to do what they could to help. Many citizens and local businesses donated food for the fire fighters and those displaced from their homes. It seemed everyone wanted to help and were willing to go that extra mile to do so. Local and area businesses owners with heavy equipment and large water tank trucks rushed to the fire area offering their equipment and services. Iowa Park police officers responded to calls normally answered by the fire department, including several calls concerning sparking power lines. One reason we are so proud to be an Iowa Park resident is the caring people who take care of their own and do what they can to help.
Again, thank you Iowa Park Volunteer Firemen and a special thank you to your family for sharing and supporting you.
Also, thank you to the dispatchers who have the lives of the first responders in their hands and who took hundreds of calls for help during the fire. Also, to the city hall staff that answered the overflow call to the police department, thank you!
Floyd and Sherrie Williams



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