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Council approves new logo

by Dolores Hamilton
The CIty of Iowa Park has a new logo.

After a lengthy process of going over design concepts and revisions developed by Crane-West Marketing, the city council Monday night agreed on a finalized version.

Colt West, a member of the firm, jokingly told council members that he should become an associate member after returning for so many sessions. He also told the council that he would be working, at no charge, with Police Chief Robert Johnson on an overhaul of the city's website.

In a public hearing to determine if the wooden and galvanized metal storage structures at 102 S. Victoria should be declared substandard structures, it was pointed out that the structures sit on land owned by the City of Iowa Park and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad.

The siding and roof has blown off portions of the structure, leaving the remaining structure open to the elements.

Owners Randall and Deanne Schram told the council they don't own the land and are paying a holding company for the railroad $2,200 a year to lease their part of the land. "We can't afford to tear it down," Schram said. "But if you want to tear it down, that would be fine." They discussed taking the roof down and letting the metal sides serve as a fence.

The council found parts of the structure to be substandard and gave the owners 45 days to abate the problem or the city will step in.

In the second hearing of the meeting, it was determined that a 1984 Ford pickup located at 310 W. Lafayette qualified as a junked vehicle and ordered its abatement within 45 days.

A resolution to amend the General Fund budget to includes costs of roofing repairs at the Iowa Park Recreation Activity Center (RAC) died for lack of a motion.

City Manager Mike Price said the cost of coating the entire roof would be $8,500. He said the RAC is not the only building that needs repairs. The library, city hall, police and fire stations all need serious roof repair. The city currently gives the RAC $13,600 a year for utilities and building maintenance.

"It's been a tough three or four years (budget wise for the city) and there are some areas we need to cut," Price said. It was the consensus of the council to have the RAC's roof fixed in the area where it is leaking at a cost of $750, and re-evaluate it during the budget process.

In other business the council approved allowing the firm of Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott to begin receiving a 20 percent collection fee for delinquent taxes, penalties and interest beginning with the 2012 tax year. The current collection fee is 15 percent.

Price gave a report on the city's current financial condition. "We're not up where we'd like to be in the utility fund because we can't sell water," he said.

"But the General Fund is in the black."