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Council denies de-annexing request Monday

by Dolores Hamilton
Jacen and LeAnn Scharbrough made their second appearance before the Iowa Park City Council Monday to request their property on Johnson Road be de-annexed, but a motion to accept their request died for lack of a second.
During the discussion Brad Wynn said, “I’d like to help them, but if we do it for them we have to do it for everybody else who calls to do the same thing.”
Lori Shierry asked the Scharbroughs, “Weren’t you aware that it (the property) is in the city limits when you bought it?” LeAnn Scharbrough answered, “We were aware it was in the city limits when we bought it and were kinda guided in a direction by several people that said it (de-annexation) would be a non-issue, and it’s become a way bigger issue.” She said being in the city limits has a lot of restrictions and limitations and would require variances to use for agricultural purposes. “It’s ag land, it’s not designed to be within the city limits.”
“The main advantage of having it in the city is for future annexation,” said City Manager Jerry Flemming. “The city council as a whole should think about where you envision the city limits to be 20 years from now. If there is no desire to expand the city in that direction, this may not be necessary.”
Speaking to Scharbrough, Tim Sheppard said, “In my mind the reason you want this is you don’t want to pay us taxes and you don’t want to abide by our rules.” She told him the taxes wouldn’t be bad but she has a problem with some of the restrictions for agricultural purposes.
Sheppard made a motion to approve the de-annexation, but he added it was reluctantly. The motion died for lack of a second.
In other business Carri Davoult, owner of Kona Ice of Nw Texoma was given permission to sell snow cones at the municipal swimming pool and spray park for the 2017 swim season. Davoult will pay the city $50 a month plus 10 percent of the sales.
The General Fund was amended to reflect the adjustments of revenues due to grants received by the city.
The purchase of bunker gear for the Iowa Park Volunteer Fire Department for $9,328 was approved. Fire Chief Andy Payne said the department is seeking a grant to help pay for the gear.
Flemming gave the quarterly financial report, saying there is a strong fund balance. The funds of the city for the second quarter, including 4A and 4B corporations, opened on Jan. 1, 2017 with a balance of $3.38 million and closed on March 31, 2017 with a total balance of $4.22 million, an increase of nearly $839 thousand.
Monday, May 15 was the date set to canvass election results, and the council’s general planning session will be held on June 24.