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Speeds in deadly car chase went
up to 130 mph through heart of town

By Sherrie Williams
Last Thursday morning at 9:05 a.m. Iowa Park police were notified of a high speed pursuit involving a red Dodge Charger, driven by Anthony Lamar Carter, 22, with a female passenger, Kaylea Butts, 20, who had been kidnapped, and was headed toward our community on Business 287.
Butts was abducted at Walden Cleaners, 1211 36th Ave. NW in Norman , Oklahoma at approximately 7:25 a.m.
The manager of the cleaners reportedly heard something outside and when Butts did not come inside she went out to check on her. That’s when she found Butts’ car with personal items inside, but she was no where around.
The manager called 9-1-1 and told the dispatcher she was concerned. Norman Police Department contacted Burkburnett Police Department and asked them to be on the lookout for a red Charger.
Shortly after that a Burkburnett officer observed the suspect vehicle and attempted to get it to stop.
A pursuit ensued that made it’s way down I-44 east into Wichita Falls and toward Archer County, then to Scott Street west onto Iowa Park Road/Business 287.
Iowa Park Police Sgt. Steve Davis went to the area of Bell Road to attempt to throw Stop Stix to stop the car before it entered the city. Two minutes later the car entered the city and Davis’ efforts were unsuccessful.
Meantime, Chief Robert Johnson was informed of the pursuit entering Iowa Park, he was at city hall at the time.
Johnson immediately went to his police unit and as his front tires rolled onto the pavement of East Highway, the red Charger can be seen on camera as a red streak passing the police department. Officers estimated the Charger was possibly traveling over 130 miles per hour though Iowa Park.
Johnson accelerated and began pursuing the vehicle west on West Highway.
Trailing Johnson and the suspect were several more pursuing vehicles from Iowa Park, DPs, and Wichita County Sheriffs Office.
On other in-car videos one officer can be seen traveling east on East Highway and narrowly missed going head-on with the subject as he traveled west in the east bound lanes.
“We knew someone’s life was in danger with it being a possible kidnapping case. That is one of the highest priority calls,” said Johnson.
He continued to pursue the vehicle as it made it’s way off West Highway onto Johnson and then the Access Road, past Quail Valley, Wigley Road, and turned north on Harmony.
Johnson said the Charger slowed almost to a stop at the Access Road and Harmony so he was able to get closer to him. However, once the Charger turned north on Harmony he “aired it out.”
DPS units joined the pursuit at US 287 and Harmony. The pursuit turned east on Van Horn and continued toward F.M. 368. At Johnson Road, Wichita County deputies also joined the chase.
Johnson said when he started pursuing the Charger he did not observe other law enforcement vehicles and all he could think was he must keep the Charger in view because if they lost sight of him, he might not be found in time to save the kidnapped victim.
On Van Horn Road, Johnson said he slowed because the roadway was so rough but the suspect vehicle continued to drive at a very high rate of speed.
Other Iowa Park officers and IPCISD Chief joined the pursuit, but the police units were no match for the Charger.
Johnson said he hit speeds of around 130 miles per hour.
It was reported that Sgt. Davis, who was driving the police Dodge Charger, topped speeds of 150, but was behind because he had stopped to deploy the Stop Stix, and could not catch up to the suspect vehicle.
Officers estimated Carter was probably driving at least 160 miles per hour at times on US 287.
Meanwhile, IPCISD put the high school on lock down as the pursuit traveled west toward the school. After the suspect vehicle left the area the lock down was lifted but as the vehicle began to make it’s way back toward Iowa Park it was again briefly placed on lock down.
Sgt. Davis monitored the police radio and once he heard the Charger was traveling on Harmony Road he made his way to the area of the North West Access Road in case the pursuit turned back toward Iowa Park, as it did.
Davis set up to deploy the Stop Stix at F.M. 368 and U.S. 287 as the Charger was reentering Iowa Park. Davis deployed the Stix and it appeared on another officer’s in-car video that the left front tire struck it. Davis could be seen only a few feet from the suspect vehicle as he deployed the Stix.
However, the tire did not deflate and the Charger turned west on the Access Road and entered US 287 traveling west.
Several law enforcement units including Iowa Park, DPS, and Wichita County continued to pursue the vehicle.
Electra Police Department had been monitoring the police radio traffic and Chief Michael Dozier set up at Midway Church Road and US 287. He was able to hide behind a concrete barrier and deployed the Stop Stix as the Charger passed. Again, a tire hit the Stix, but the vehicle continued traveling.
Electra had another police unit set-up at F.M. 1738.
“We wanted to prevent him from entering our city like he did Iowa Park,” said Dozier.
The Charger did exit US 287, crossed the overpass, but reentered US 287 traveling west in the east bound lanes. He crossed the median and continued west.
However, those in the pursuit feared he was going to head back toward Iowa Park. Iowa Park Sgt. Davis pulled off from the pursuit and set up to deploy the Stop Stix again, but soon learned the subject was in fact continuing west.
According to a press release from DPS SGT. Dan Buesing, approximately five miles east of Vernon unit out of that city was set-up and ready to deploy Stop Stix. This time the Charger could not continue on.
The Charger hit the ditch with such force it knocked the front right wheel off the car. As it came to a stop, Butts exited the vehicle and ran toward DPS troopers on scene. However, Carter also exited the vehicle and chased and tackled Butts and began stabbing her with what has been described as a large knife.
Two troopers discharged their firearms, killing Carter.
Butts was transported to a Vernon Hospital and then flown to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma.
She was reportedly listed in critical, but stable condition.
“With the speeds he was going and at times driving into oncoming traffic there was a devine intervention. Everyone got out of the way to yield to emergency vehicles,” said Iowa Park Lt. Jimmy Eaton.
According to IPCISD Chief Ray Schultz, based on a video he observed, Johnson was 13 second sbehind the suspect vehicle and it quickly increased the gap after they got onto US 287.
Schultz also assisted in attempting to stop the car as well as Iowa Park officers Matt Ohm, Derek Vann, and Jason Owen.