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Leader to change focus to assist Friendly Door

If you haven’t read about it, there is a current negative impact of federal cuts to the Meals on Wheels program, and it hits close to home.

From the arbitrary cuts due to the sequester, every government program is being pinched. So it is not just cutting defense and threatening another SARS review (which could impact North Texas even more with adjustments or elimination of Sheppard AFB), or the well-publicized inconvenciences and threats to air safety with furloughs of air traffic controllers, even threatened closures of various control towers.

These cuts were designed to be painful so that, when Congress was in negotiations, they had ample reason to compromise. But they didn’t.

So now, these cuts impact crucial social services indiscriminately, without oversight and review of the program’s history, purpose, performance, worthiness, and future potential. Meals on Wheels included.

Which makes this kind of political football a “lose-lose” proposition. It is too late to go back to some form of common sense debate on cutting the deficit.

We’ll just hack through the dark and make a sacrificial dent in the red tape armor.

Until we come to our senses.

Meanwhile, Meals on Wheels (maintained locally by The Friendly Door) is in financial trouble. According to Friendly Door Executive Director Jeri Vassar, the amount cut will be $120,000 a year, or half of the operating budget for Meals on Wheels.

There are several Iowa Parkans who depend not only on the nutriscious meals – designed themselves to provide a full day’s requirement of nutrition because it might be the ONLY meal they eat – but the recipient surely enjoys the daily visit and interaction of the Meals on Wheels volunteers.

So we need to keep this puppy running.

The Iowa Park Leader has for several years focused its efforts on the local food bank. Through our Read to Feed promotions, our seasonal canned food drives, to direct monetary donations, we have worked alongside the Ministerial Alliance to provide needy families those much-needed rations.

And we’ll continue to do so in the future, in terms of public awareness and publicity of Ministerial Alliance activities, plus those of other organizations in Iowa Park to help keep those pantries filled with food.

For now, though, it is imperitive to ensure the local Meals on Wheels remains fully funded and staffed with volunteers.

The Iowa Park Leader will soon begin a promotion offering a portion of all subscriptions sold as a donation to the Meals on Wheels program.

We’ll think of other ways to help out. It is the least we can do for these seniors and home-bound fellow residents.

Regardless of your politics, this is a situation that calls for your common sense reasoning, sympathy and interest.

As Americans, we help our own. As Iowa Parkans, we really help our own.