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City accepts bids on surplus property

by Dolores Hamilton
Bids from the city’s surplus property auction were approved by the city council Monday night, bringing in a total of $14,100.

City Manager Mike Price said there were 26 bidders on the nine vehicles, portable flood lights, and the city-owned property on West Emerald and N. Bell Road. “I would like to have seen higher bids on the vehicles,” Price said. “But I’m glad we did get some bids on the two pieces of property.”

The vehicles were those confiscated in drug-related arrests, and 40 percent of the money raised from these sales goes to the District Attorney’s office and the remaining 60 percent of the funds has to be used by the Iowa Park Police Department.

Council members also approved the write-off of $3,805.02 in utility bills which have not had any activity within the three-month period prior to Oct. 1, 2010.
“The list has the names of folks who are deceased and didn’t pay their water bill before they died and those who have moved off and left no forwarding address,” explained Mayor Joe Ward. “This is not a write-off forever on the bad debts,” he said. “If someone moves back to Iowa Park and wants water service they will have to take care of it.”

The write-off bad debts is an annual procedure, and names of the customers who are on the write-off list are run in the Iowa Park Leader. The list includes the following:

Bradley Abbott, $59; Jessica D. Adams, $2.72; Melissa Batey, $57.26;
Shannon Bernstein, $69.94; Angelica Blackstar, $36.02; Robert Blevins, $7.24; Robert Blevins, $219.90; Melissa Britt, $44.49; Jennifer Cantrell, $160.97; Tonya Callahan, $62.01; Joshua Cary, $8.73; Rebecca Chapoton, $22.80; Lachelle Courtney, $12.81; Candace Cowan, $30.86; Natalie Cress, $32.60; Christopher Dumas, $59.62; Kenneth Ellingson, $104.10; Patrick Fowler, $54.76; Joyce Fulkerson, $9.52; Andrea Giamanco, $35.52; Kelly J. Gilmore, $27.76; Robbie Gonzales, $4.71; James C. Hawkins (deceased), $31.24; Stacey Haynes, $59.21; Gillian Hedler, $14.57; Janis Hernandez, $24.91; Lacy Hernandez, $67.04.

Also, Renee Hinson, $79.27; Sabrina Hoffman, $71.31; Debra/Gail P Hogan, $44.95; Clint/Amanda Hooper, $65.98; Michael Hughes, $209.02; Emmanuel Huezo, $18.76; Renee Jackson, $44.88; Larry Jones, $49.15; Shane Kays, $25.32; Julie & Darrell Keehn, $14.49; Tiffany Kellogg, $35.07; Debra Kelso, $41.48; Joe Kerley (deceased), $136.22; Easton King, $44.40; Tony Kuhnle, $40.57; Ann Langham, $4.83; Peggy Martens, $24.34; Bob McFarland (deceased), $65.14; Bob McFarland (deceased), $27.44; Tama Nelson, $81.92; Elvira Norseworthy, $46.97; John Norton, $21.17; Jeff Parker, $17.08; Denise Patterson, $35.35; Gary Peacock, $111.58; Julie Perez, $97.26; Jennifer Raasch, $9.33.

Also, Maggie R. Rhodes (deceased), $53.48; Wayne Schroeder, $26.78; Noel Sheets (deceased), $67.70; Dana Shrum,$34.74; Jon K. Smith, $44.67; Adolph Springmeyer (deceased), $221.24; Shirlena Springmeyer, $13.11; Charlene Stansbury, $86.38; Johnny Stone, $22.67; Timothy Swedberg (deceased), $39.16; Kenneth Thrush, $34.82; Brian Tipton, $37.51; Lisa Turpin, $50.85; Charles Vaughan, $5.69; Julie Ann Vaughn, $3.88; Julie Ann Vaughn, $25.04; JoAnn White, $118.51; Jo nie Wood, $74.80; Christina Worthington, $13.47; Paul Zitsch, $46.93.

In other business, the mayor read two proclamations, one proclaiming October 2010 as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” in Iowa Park, and the other proclaiming the week of Oct. 3 through 9 as “National 4-H Week” in Iowa Park.

Several members and their leaders from the Iowa Park 4-H Club were at the meeting and asked to stand at the front as the proclamation was being read.
A waiver of the city’s handbill ordinance was approved, allowing advertisements of North Texas Area United Way’s “Volunteer Income Tax Assistance” program to be placed on doors of the city’s residences.

Also approved was the amended Wichita County Joint Emergency Management Basic Plan between Wichita County and the cities of Iowa Park, Burkburnett, Electra, Cashion and Pleasant Valley.

The council voted to amend the 2009/2010 General Fund and Water and Sewer Fund budgets to reflect the adjustment of expenditures necessary to maintain services provided by the city.These include repairs to the emergency warning sirens, damage to roof at water treatment plant, engineering fees for repairs to 16-inch water line, and storage of Christmas decorations.

Membership of the Christmas Lights Task Force Committee was updated, and Stephanie Wooten was appointed to fill one of the councilors positions, and Joe Singer was appointed to fill the at-large position.



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