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City approves making fund request to 4B

by Dolores Hamilton
On Monday, the Iowa Park City Council approved a request to ask the Community Development Corporation (4B) for funding for an electronic public information sign.

With two members, Keith Dyer and Lori Shierry, voting yes, and two members, Tim Sheppard and Sherrie Williams, abstaining, the measure passed. Council member Stephanie Wooten was absent.

Mayor Dan Fears had presented the request to the 4B board at its last meeting and was asked to take it back to the city council for its approval to ask for the funding.

Cost of the sign is approximately $35,000, not including software, installation and maintenance. Location for the sign would be the old Barbour pipe yard, land now owned by the city.

City Manager Mike Price said if the funding is approved, the sign would be put out for bids.

Earlier, Steve Smith, owner of Ken’s Pizza, told the council that if they decided there are other needs for the funds, or 4B decides not to purchase the sign, he had an electronic sign they could post information on.

An ordinance was passed establishing a water-based commercial water use rate category for water-based commercial accounts.

In order to be a water-based utility customer and receive the lower rate, a business owner must provide proof that the purchase of potable water is in excess of 35 percent of the business’s total operational cost. At this time, only two local businesses, a laundromat and a car wash, qualify.

The rates for water-based commercial units are: first 2,000 gallons, minimum, $30; all over 2,100 gallons, per 1,000, $5.80.

Randy Alsup spoke to the council about a water bill he received for water usage during the month of August. The bill was for 19,000 gallons of water which resulted in three surcharges and a bill for $631.35.

Alsup said he had cut back drastically on water use since receiving a high bill April when he was putting in a new lawn. He said he had his home checked for leaks and had the sprinkler system checked for any malfunctions.

Price said the city had checked for leaks and done an accuracy check on the meter, and found no problem.

Alsup had asked that the surcharges be dropped, but no action was taken by the council.

Following a public hearing to determine if a vehicle, located at 910 S. Jackson, should be abated in accordance with the junked vehicle regulations in the city’s Code of Ordinances, the owner was given 45 days to bring it up to code.

The council passed an ordinance approving a negotiated resolution between the Atmos Cities Steering Committee and the Atmos Energy Corporation, Mid-Tex Division, regarding the company’s 2013 annual Rate Review Mechanism filing.

The city’s Code of Ordinances was amended to include bore cuts as a method of installing utilities within public right-of-ways and dedicated easements within the city; requiring a permit to trench or bore cut any public right-of-way including alleys and easements, and adding a section to establish a fee for utility construction within the right-of-ways and easements.

The appointments of David Wallasky and Kelly Riggs to fill vacancies on the city’s Board of Adjustment were approved.

At the beginning of the meeting Police Sergeant Sherry Fowler spoke to the council on behalf of the Iowa Park police officers. “We want to thank you all very much for what you’ve done, giving us a raise and insurance,” she said. “The old saying, “You can’t get blood out of a turnip,” well you all did it.”