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City looks for options to fix drainage issue

by Dolores Hamilton
David White appeared before the Iowa Park City Council Monday night and offered his proposal for water drainage improvements for the Iowa Park Clinic.
White had asked the council at its previous meeting to consider paying for a drainage system to stop the erosion to his property caused by runoff from the clinic property.
Originally there had been an agreement between the clinic and the city that there would be a retention pond to catch the runoff from the facility. However, the third expansion of the clinic did away with the retention pond and caused the drainage to go onto White’s and David Parkey’s property. This caused gullies across the property and silt filled in a 12-foot deep pond, built by White, to keep drainage off off Texas St. White felt because the city had accepted plans for the clinics’s expansion that eliminated a retention pond, the city was responsible.
The request had been tabled so the council could do further research.
White’s proposal for services and material was $72,300. He said the Electra Hospital indicated they would pay $10,000 to help support the project.
Council member Lori Shierry said she thought they should get competitive bids to see if the job could be done for less. She asked City Manager Jerry Flemming if the city could do the work and if so, how much would it cost? Public Works Director David Sherrill said cost of the materials would be around $42,000, and city workers could do the work. The amount did not include the cost of an engineer.
Flemming said maybe they should look at the cost of buying the property from White and Parker, so the city could work at its own pace. Parkey said they would come up with a price and get back with him.
After a discussion that lasted close to an hour, the council voted to authorize Flemming to seek an engineer to work with himself, White and Parkey to determine the best plan for the erosion control and drainage issue. Once they have a plan it will be brought back to the council for approval.
After hearing a request from Tony Lozipone, the council approved extending the sewer main to his property line at 702 S. Colorado.
Creighton Berrett was given a variance from the distance regulations in the Code of Ordinances for engaging in the sale of alcoholic beverages.
Berrett said he is look at buying the building at 400 W. Park, formerly occupied by Dollar General, and having a business where he could sell beer and liquor. When asked what type business, he said it would be a bowling alley. “It’s the perfect spot, a great location, he said.
Library Director Amie Schultz introduced Bobby Whisnand who will launch his “Hawk Fit Wellness Program” on January 12 for the city of Iowa Park. All city employees, teachers, businesses, and residents are encouraged to be a part of the 12-week program which will include weekly classes at Tom Burnett Memorial Library.
To participate or find out more information, contact Amie Schultz, 940-592-4981,, or Bobby Whisnand, 214-926-2639,
An ordinance updating the city’s personnel policies was approved. Council also approved amending the Code of Ordinances to adopt the most current building, residential, energy conservation, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fuel gas and fire codes.
Council discussed co-sponsoring the Independence Day fireworks display with the Iowa Park Community Development (4B) Corporation.
Bobby Bounds, who has provided the fireworks display for the past year, won’t be sponsoring it this year. The cost was $11,340 per year and the fireworks company has agreed to provide the same show for the same price this year. The Iowa Park 4B Corporation has agreed to pay half the cost.
Flemming told the council that a second proposal had come in, and the decision was tabled for further study.
Police Chief Robert Johnson gave the annual Asset Forfeiture Report. He said there were no expenditures during the year and the balance remains at $4,835.
Council approved payment of $5,896 to Netessentials to replace the fiber optic line between city hall and the police department.
The city manager was authorized to publicize a request for qualifications for engineering services for hydrologic and hydraulic analyses.
In keeping with the Fair Labor Standards Act, the council agreed to increase the pay of all four full-time department heads by a flat amount, minimum $1,924.
Payment of $14,880 to U.S. Underwater Services to make necessary repairs to the Emerald St. water tower was approved.
The resignation of City Attorney Jay Cantrell was accepted, and the city manager was authorized to solicit qualifications from perspective attorneys and/or law firms. Also accepted was the resignation of Cindy Tracy from the Board of Adjustments.
A request from the Iowa Park Fire Department was approved for a waiver of the city’s solicitation regulations restricting the solicitation of donations upon a public right-of-way on Saturday, Dec. 3.
Jan. 14, 2017 was set as the date for the annual retreat and code workshop meeting. The council will meet in special session on Monday to canvass the Nov. 8 election results.