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New apartment complex possible for city

by Dolores Hamilton
If things go as planned, Iowa Park could have a new 80-unit apartment complex built here in 2013.

Brad Knolle, Director of Acquisition for the NRP Group, a multi-family and senior housing developer based in San Antonio, was at the city council meeting Monday to discuss a proposed project to construct and operate a multi-family apartment complex in Iowa Park.

Knolle said NRP is the largest affordable housing developer in the state, and has developed 5,000 units in the last five years. In addition to Iowa Park, the group is also proposing to do a development in downtown Wichita Falls. Rent on the apartments in Iowa Park would most likely be divided between market value and affordable rate based.

The project would be financed through a tax credit program that is overseen by the federal government, and is a competitive process. “Part of the competitive process is community support,” Knolle said. “We will absolutely not go into a community where we don’t have full support.” Mayor Joe Ward told him, “From what I’m hearing, you have the overwhelming support of the council and those in the audience.”

Knolle said the process includes submitting a pre-application in January, and if the application looks favorable, then they would move ahead to a full application in March. If successful with that, the tax credits are awarded in July. Knolle said he would be back for the city council meeting in February.

The first public hearing on the annexation of 7.382-acre tract of land in the city’s Industrial Park was held. This is the land where S-5! Manufacturing is planning to build their new facility. The next hearing will be during the council meeting on Dec. 12.

Council members approved the city’s municipal service plan for the land being considered for annexation. The plan reflects the city services that will be provided.

A resolution was approved expressing support for the City of Wichita Falls’ participation in a joint land use study for Sheppard Air Force Base and the surrounding communities. The study could impact the public use of property in close proximity to the base.

The council gave its approval for Iowa Park CISD’s plan to conduct additional early voting locations for the May general election.

The school board is considering calling a bond election in May, and having an open house on the four campuses to give the public a chance to tour the facilities and view their current conditions. They would like to have early voting locations set up on each campus on the day of the tour.

Because the city and school have a joint election, the school board asked the city for support in having additional early voting locations other than the school administration building and city hall.

An audit was conducted by the council of the Iowa Park Police Department’s Asset Forfeiture Report for FY 2010/2011, and the mayor was authorized to certify the report after a minor change has been made.