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City employees, first responders
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The City of Iowa Park has reinstated a burn ban because of the potential threat of fires due to drought conditions and adverse weather conditions.

The restrictions take effect immediately and will remain in effect until repealed by the city’s governing body.

The following temporary restrictions apply for the use of combustible materials in an outdoor invironment.

A) Individuals grilling, smoking or cooking in an outdoor environment must meet each of the following requirements:

1) Cooking appliances must fully contain any and all combustible material and must have a metal covering (mesh-type or expanded metal type coverings are prohibited);

2) Cooking appliances must be attended at all times when combustible material is contained within;

3) When cooking appliances are in use, either a 25-pound working fire extinguisher or 50 feet of charged water hose with a spray nozzle must be present;

4) All cooking appliances, when in use, must be placed on a non-combustible surface extending two feet beyond each side ofthe appliance; and

5) Upon completion of the cooking process, all fuel gas valves to the appliance must be closed and other combustible materials within the appliance must be immersed or saturated with water before said appliance is left unattended.

B) Individuals welding, cutting or grinding metal in an outdoor environment must meet each of the following requirements:

1) The welding, cutting or grinding process must involve a minimum of two individuals and the second person must maintain a vigilant watch over the area where the welding, cutting or grinding is occurring;

2) Combustible materials, including grasses, brush and weeds, within a 50 foot radius of the work area will be removed before the welding, cutting or grinding process begins;

3) Welding cutting and/or grinding is strictly prohibited when any wind is in excess of 15 miles per hour; and

4) When welders, cutting torches and grinders are in use, either two 25-pound working fire extinguishers or 150 feet of charged water hose with a spray nozzle must be present.

Violations of any of the restrictions shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed $1,000.