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Clean cars, clear conscience, collateral damage

I knew before I even bought it that keeping a black car clean would be tricky, and time consuming.

It has proven to be both, not to mention a little expensive.

The Chrysler 300 I bought is a good car, and very nice looking, even when it’s a little dirty.

The problem is when I polish up the car at the local car wash, then find myself driving into a cloud of dust on West Highway caused by a truck or trucks leaving the old Barbour Trucking yard.

I’ve got a suggestion for the City of Iowa Park.

Charge all the truckers who use the lot a nominal monthly fee for doing so.

Pool that money and the lease money from the company that stores recycled cardboard, and pave the whole lot.

All the trucks will stay cleaner. The whole area between the car wash and Lowe’s will look cleaner.

And most importantly, my Chrysler 300 will stay cleaner longer.

During deliberations on the subject, be sure to use a M.A.D.D.-inspired line, “If just one citizen finds happiness as a result, how can we not vote yes?”

Speaking of happiness, I seemed to be the only person happy on Inauguration Tuesday. I guess the other dozen or so Obama backers in the area had taken the day off.

The remainder of town was going about business as usual.

I had to drag the Publisher in front of the television when it came time for the swearing in of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Otherwise, she felt it was a prime time to clean out old files in the back of the office.

Cest la vie, and God Bless America, where we have the full right to disagree with one another, without being uncivil.

For instance, the Publisher has started to tune the TV to Fox News when she knows I’m going to be around.

And soft tears filled her eyes when she watched the 43rd President’s plane in the sky heading back home to Texas.

And on day one of his new administration, Obama announced a pay freeze for his top White House staff members and strict ethics rules for his administration.

Meanwhile, the 81st Legislature in Texas has five months to adopt a state budget while faced with dwindling resources ... and, play around with 1,200 filed bills including 58 proposed constitutional amendments filed during the first week of session.

One previously-passed bill they are facing increasing pressure to revisit is HB 1, dealing with education fiance, among other things.

I will talk more on HB 1 and other state legislative matters next week.

For now, keep your toes warm.

Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved