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Memorial Day weekend with
fish, flags and mutant scorpions


It was Memorial Day weekend so I inevitably ended up one night at my sister Kim’s house out west of town where, inevitably again, the conversation turned to scorpions, which I abhor and consider unnecessary in the big picture of My God’s Great Plan.

I’ve talked to Him about scorpions before. Each time He responds with silent amusement at my predicament.

This particular evening either Kim or her husband Steve had bombed the house earlier, because the only scorpions present were long dead and dried up.

Still, you never know with scorpions. I had my eyes open.

Seated on a sofa across from me was a couple familiar with the subject of the unnecessary heathen stinging b@#*!%s, and the guy claimed to be have a kindred hatred for them as well.

His wife, too, hated scorpions. She apparently called him once at work, claiming to be holding a huge, mutant scorpion at bay with a .357 magnum. She said it was a cross between “a regular scorpion and a lobster.”

I’ve seen such monsters before. Or maybe heard them more than actually seen them, at night as I tried to sleep in a leaky cabin on Lake Kemp.

This time, though, the mutant scorpion turned out to be a crawfish. We’ve all made that mistake before. Hubby said it wouldn’t have been prudent for her to shoot the thing anyway, with rocks behind the monster giving the bullet an inconclusive trajectory.

All-in-all and despite the rain, the Memorial Day weekend turned out beautifully.

Those at Hawk Stadium early evening Friday for the IPHS graduation were treated to a full rainbow and pleasant breeze. Saturday morning saw Gordon Lake lined with youngsters and adults and the smell of stinkbait and wet grass during the annual FishFest. It was a pleasure to watch the interaction between the children and their parents as they cast their lures from the shore with visions of landing the big one.

A trip to Highland Cemetery was also in store, and the grounds were well-kept as usual. Walking among the headstones with American flags, big and small, it swells your heart with aching pride for the service and sacrifice of our fellow countrymen.

Movies and documentaries – like the World War II scenes from Band of Brothers – played out on the TV screen throughout the weekend and I found myself reflecting often on our soldiers in the Middle East, and it’s times like these that I know myself to be a solid patriot and lover of my country, for all its rights and wrongs.

Patriotism is a lot like religion. You can’t legislate it to someone, and you can’t force it on them either. You just live your own life by such principles with honesty, integrity, and humility ... and by your example influence those around you.

Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved