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They already had my divided attention


I noticed something the other day that took even me by surprise.

And it wasn’t a Spam sculpture of a miniature Mercedes to scale. Although that was impressive.

What surprised me was a speed limit sign I saw in Wichita Falls last week on Taft, near the Sonic Drive-in.

The speed limit sign in and of itself didn’t surprise me. I’m used to them as I’ve seen plenty in my life, both literally and figuratively. What surprised me was what it said, which was:

Speed Limit

Speed limit
Strictly enforced

Or something like that.

The tricky part is that for people with a track record like myself, signs like that can make us think erroneous and expensive thoughts.

Thoughts like “if they’re strictly enforced here, then the signs without the “strictly enforced” warning is merely a suggestion of how fast I should be rocketing down the street.”

  I have thoughts  like that.

And as a result, I am the official spokesman  of the Texas DPS Meeter/Greeter group.

Later that day, when I was telling my boyfriend about the strictly enforced speed limit on Taft, he said that he had seen them in different places in town, but - and this is the important part - not on all of them.

This causes me to make mental notes to self.

He knows me well, and said something about me still having to go the numbers it says on the signs, whether or not it has the strictly enforced part on there.

  You have to understand that Bobby is the Mother Theresa of driving, and I am the Bonnie hoping never to meet my Clyde on the road.

He is so careful after getting his last ticket three years ago, that I kind of wonder if he sets his cruise in residential areas.

I used  to be on a compulsory tour to meet every trooper in this great state. But since the last time I saw the light - the one in my rearview mirror – I have been on the straight and narrow, road-wise. For the most part.

And that’s been over a year, a personal record.

I will wait while you knock on wood, and State Farm tallies up my Good Neighbor/Good Driving savings.

I haven’t tested my theory of unmarked speed limit signs merely being suggestions.