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All we need is a little patience


It’s tough being patient anymore, especially in a world where brevity is a plus whether you are ordering lunch at a fast food, or needing to know who the culprit is inside of 60 minutes on CSI.

That and speed-dial cellphones, 90-second rice, or 230-mph bullet trains.

What we do need to keep patient about in Iowa Park is completion of the new Hawk Haven Pool and Spray Park.

No doubt excitement has been building for this new complex to be readied and enjoyed by everyone, young and old.

Rain, however, has been a major culprit in delaying construction. As Tuesday night’s storm proved, this summer is different and wet and not so eager to give up the stage for the normal hot and arid summer cast.

In the May 31st issue of the Leader, City Administrator Mike Price said a realistic target date was around the end of June or the first week in July.

That was before more rain came to the area, sidelining the workers once again.

Oh, that’s not to say that progress isn’t being made. Concrete work has been mostly completed in the pavilion and pool house area. The pavilion itself is near completion, in addition to the pump house and pool house.

The city has made progress on the entrances and parking area.

The spray park is starting to take shape, with the area gridded out and various lengths and sizes of pvc pipe being laid.

The pool itself is looking more and more like a pool, with the slide and diving boards and lifeguard stations bolted into place.

Still, there’s more to be done, not just with the pool and spray park, but with the parking, fencing, and landscaping.

And we should patiently watch as it is done well, and in due time. Rushing the process of construction can have nasty consequences down the road.

When the pool and spray park are finally completed, the complex will no doubt become a source of pride for this town for many years to come, and a favorite destination during those normal dog days of summer.

Three weeks ago, Price said, “Right now we are not at a point where we can tell when a grand opening will be.”

Three weeks later, it seems that quote still stands.

And that’s ok. In return for a job well done, those workers deserve our patience and understanding.

Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved