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I'm no Florence Nightingale,
but still searching for a cure

Having just returned from a healing mission to Mexico, and preparing to leave for yet another healing mission to Ruidoso, finding the time to write a column has been difficult at best.

Couple that with the fact not only is Kevin still not fully healed from the near-lethal spider bite (his daily pharmaceutical regime is displayed on his desk in a shrine-like fashion) and we are one short at the office on an early deadline as Sherrie is near death with Mescalero Whooping Cough (thus the trip to Ruidoso).

If Mom gets sick, I’m going to Ireland, just so you know.

The point of this is, I was planning on doing a full-fledged investigation on the discovery of the “Elvis Rock” in Colorado, but there has been no time.

All I know at this point is that a rock collector in Colorado found a rock with the image/likeness/dirt pattern of Elvis (Presley, not Costello) emblazoned on it. She plans on selling the rock on ebay and giving the proceeds to the charity of Elvis’ estate’s choice.

This piqued my interest, not because I’m an Elvis fan (although I think Addison is a great song) but I am a huge Jonathan Winters fan and one time I would have sworn in a court of law that his image was on my dryer’s lint trap but I had to finish washing my kids’ P.E. clothes and lost it.

Had I been able to save the lint-inspired vision of Jonathan Winters I can’t say that I would have donated any proceeds secured from the sale of such to the charity of Elvis’ estate’s choice.

Or even Jonathan Winters estate.

Most likely, any money made would have gone to replace my original lint trap and offset the cost of using the laundrymat.

If there was anything left over, and that’s a big if, it would go to find a permanent cure for Kevin.