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Things are getting busy, and I'm happy

This past weekend was my final attempt at summer vacation before my own personal storm hits – that being the start of fall sports, miscellaneous school events, and all the other civic and spot news coverage that’s to be done with or without a camera.

From this week until the end of May, I’ll be spending most Fridays and a lot of Saturdays following Iowa Park sports teams and individuals. That leaves Sunday to shape up the web content on, including a weekly photo gallery (ok, so I kinda slacked this past summer, of which I’m constantly reminded on the street).

And then on Monday, well, the real work week begins all over.

But I will talk about this past weekend because it was kind of special for me. Me and my boys.

My youngest, Dillon, was finishing unpacking in his dorm room at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He started classes Monday, and as of press time he hasn’t dropped a single class.

I am very proud of Dillon.

Also on Saturday I took a short road trip to Dallas with my niece, D’Ann, to witness the CD-release party for my oldest son’s band, IMI.

The event was at the Curtain Club in Deep Ellum. Brady (my son) is the drummer and the sound guys did a top-notch job of miking his kit. The band rocked to a full house. No one was mugged or arrested either at the party or in transit to and from.

Therefore, I am so proud of Brady.

Dillon is my first offspring to attend college, and he is sharp, athletic, creative, and totally able to handle a 17-hour load while working a minimum of 20 hours at an on-campus job. He is kind of lagging on securing the job (probably the genes), but I’ve offered enough substantive threats that I’m certain he’ll be employed by week’s end.
One pleasant surprise is the fact Dillon has called me, emailed me and text messaged me more times in his brief stay at Ball State than all the past several years of owning either a computer or cellphone.

It might be because he’s lonely. Or maybe excited. Possibly he even misses hearing from me.

Or maybe he’s just making sure it’s the right number for when he needs to call for a quick loan.

Probably all of the above.

As for Brady, he didn’t attend a college after graduating from North Crowley HS, but did take some intermediate courses at the University of the Streets.

He’s much better now, managing his own landscaping company and now playing in a reputable band that actually has some talent and potential.

The most important thing is both of my boys are happy doing what they are doing.
I’ve told both of them often enough that all I wanted was for them to be honest, truthful, humble, plus gainfully employed.

And happy.

Which I am, too. For them and their current fortunes, and for myself, for having two such wonderful sons.

As long as they keep it straight, it’s all icing on the cake from here on out.

Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved