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A pause to say "thank you"

I promise to be back next week in full humor, scaring the conservative masses ... spouting globs of common sense to the common folk ... easily distracting the pretty women ... and finding ways to keep the Publisher’s heart rate maxed out.

But on this press day, I want only to thank from the bottom of my heart each and every one of you who wrote or called, or came by to visit the Hamiltons and Bradys after losing my sister’s husband, Michial, to a heart attack at 51.

Both families were smothered with kindness. Many brought casseroles and desserts, and many brought cards or flowers. All brought hugs and kind words. Phone calls and emails poured in from all across the country.

We are blown away by such love and caring.

It is tough to see my sister going through so much pain. Kellie was with Michial for almost three decades.They stuffed those years silly with laughter and living and loving. And it still wasn’t enough. It never is, when you are that happy.

Kellie and her three children ... Justin, Lindsey and Allison ... will be ok in time. So will Betty, Michial’s mother, and his sister Sherrie. They got a huge dose of love and caring when they came to Iowa Park this past weekend for the final memorial service. Thanks to all of you who gave them comfort these past few days.

Thank you to the ladies at First Christian Church for the meal you cooked. Thank you Gary House for being a people’s preacher, and knowing how to touch on the most important things in life with seven words and a simple grin.

Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved