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Does this outfit make my ankles look fat?

Ever so often something happens to me that is small and remarkable, although not at all heart-warming.

Just such an incident occurred last weekend at a fast food restaurant in Wichita Falls that boasts they have served billions and billions.

Plus two, as of noon on Sunday.

Past hungry and on our way to the lake, my boyfriend and I opted to go through a fast food drive through and order something that was fast, cheap and, for the most part, not healthy for most life forms.

We ordered a large double-decker hamburger with special sauce for me and two fish sandwiches for him. In addition, two ginormous orders of fries, preferably each in a cardboard bucket, was requested as well as two drinks, neither diet.

There was no indication on that order that we were concerned about our health or general well-being.

This apparently caused the lady at the drive-through window an immense amount of concern and she stepped in to save us.

After handing us our order, she calmly asked if we needed anything else. We enthusiastically told her that salt would be required for us to be happy campers.
She handed us two packets of salt.

Two measley, tiny packets of salt.

We definitely needed more to complete our salt intake for the year and told her to keep ‘em coming.

She actually said, “You need more salt than that?”

“More salt than two packs? Yes, we do.”

She then responded to us, “That’s weird,” and handed us two more packets of gold-plated, rare fast food salt.

My boyfriend looked at me, I think conspicuously checking to see if my ankles were swollen or something.

Numerous theories were tossed around as to her concern with the salt and the role it plays in a fast food dining experience.

I thnk it’s entirely possible that although billions and billions have been served at this establishment, only billions of packets of salt have been handed out, and they want to keep it that way.

Or, this little lady is in charge of the salt purchasing department and she was running over quota for the year, and didn’t want to explain it to the higher-ups.

Or, maybe I just had fat ankles that day and she was trying to save me from myself.

Either way, it reminds me that people care.