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It was good to see you

I got a kick out of all the hustling and bustling going on Thursday through Saturday in Iowa Park with the homecoming and all its trimmings.

The streets were full of moving cars, some obvoiusly from large towns because they didn’t know protocol at an intersection with four-way stop signs.

In Dallas, for instance, that situation is defined as “a slight yield,” and is otherwise a minor inconvenience and no brakes are involved.

Which is what one big shiny white pickup did going west on West Highway Friday night around 7. With me working south on Yosemite and both of us hitting the stop sign at the same time, he didn’t care one bit that I quickly made my right onto West Highway, driving his big rig up to my tail and smoking his engine in neutral.

He pulled off the road one block later, either because his engine blew, or he was getting money at the ATM before making it to the game.

If I hadn’t been late myself to the game, I would have made a circle and engaged in conversation with the guy and his date.

If this particular guy is reading this column right now, I encourage you to call or come by, so we can have that conversation. I am very eager to hear from you.

Aside from the Dallas cowboy with a blown disposition, my weekend was fruitful. I saw lots of people, old classmates, a growing number of current friends and acquaintances, lots of sports, lots of outdoor fun, and a cool honor bestowed on my former high school principal, Bob Dawson.

I just love that guy. And obviously many of you do, too. Kari and I were both given several pats on the back for the feature story we did last Thursday on Uncle Bob.

It was a pure joy, sitting with the guy and getting him to open up about his days at IPHS.
Not that he’ll tell you everything. But, what he does tell you comes out interesting and funny. And right on the mark.

Again, good to see everybody.

Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved