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Iowa Park has hit the big time


It was a few minutes after noon on Tuesday when I was at the four-way stop at Yosemite and the Old Iowa Park Road, waiting patiently to turn left so I could go home for lunch. I was behind three cars, and at least three cars were waiting in line in each direction.

My chance finally came and I turned and noticed four or five cars in front of me going west, and several coming at me.

I went an entire block to turn south on Wall St., when I noticed a man in a mini-van., waiting to turn left onto Old Iowa Park Road. A man who was irritated and on the brink of unbridled madness waiting on the onslaught of traffic coming at him from both sides.
That’s when I realized Iowa Park has hit the big time.

We have rush hour traffic.

I love the fact that Iowa Park tolerates it’s traffic flow with stop signs and just a couple of blinking red lights.

I love the fact that people who “aren’t from around here” say “Seriously, your town doesn’t have a traffic light?”

No we don’t, but after the traffic jam Tuesday, I have a feeling that the man in the mini-van will be petitioning the City Council for one or two, with plans for a mini-mix master not far behind.

This will facilitate the need for smog control measures, followed by police training on how to spot and contain road rage, and finally an HOV lane that runs the length of the Old Iowa Park Road through town for our consciencious commuters.

And this is what we call progress.