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Used cars and the price of oil

The Impromptu Used Car Lot is looking good these days, filled with a dozen or so low to medium-range clunkers.

Even the dusty brown and white Allegro RV is back, evidently resold to its local owner after being used in the classic horror flick, “The Hills Have Eyes in the Back of Their Heads”.

In the movie, nine fraternity brothers from San Bernadino borrow the Allegro from an uncle and take a Spring Break road trip through the Sierra Madres packed in like sardines.

There is no air conditioning, but that’s ok. The windshield has lots of cracks.

They meet some locals, including a few unfortunate souls mutated by the nuclear tests of ‘58. Words are exchanged. Few survive.

So, if you buy that RV to skidaddle down to Possum Kingdom, or north to the Wichitas, you will be in a celebritymobile. Should be good for a free peach cobbler and ice cream at Meers.

I’m sorry. It’s Halloween as I write this. I digress.

The overall quality of automobiles at the Impromptu has improved markedly over the many months of its existance in the parking lot of ALCO’s. Matter of fact, there are usually more automobiles parked at the Impromptu than at ALCO.

I’m not sure why better cars, trucks and bikes are showing up. Maybe it’s the price of gas, these are guzzlers, and everyone has already bought a Harley or Honda.

Who knows. And as far as the price of oil hitting $100 a barrel, who knows that either. Probably will.

All the sure-fire indicators for a price increase are in place.

I heard there’s rebel activitiy perking up in Venzueala, and “increased tension” in the Middle East from a week ago. I’m not sure what that means. Probably a domestic spat in some Baghdad condo. It’s still good enough to ratchet up the fear factor, sending oil futures through the roof.

And probably a few of the local oil guys don’t care for my slightly cynical view of today’s world oil market. And I understand. When things are going good, I need to keep a lid on it.

The time I should have been blabbering about the world oil market was back in the 80s, when the locals were being molested by OPEC.

That was a time to behold, when Lincoln and Miller welding machines went on the auction block for pennies on the dollar, and neighborhoods were buzzing with garage sales and open houses.

Oh, what a grand time that was.

For now, I couldn’t be happier for the local drillers and producers benefitting from the current market. I wish the area economy they helped build 40 years ago was here to enjoy it, too.

Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved