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Sooner than later, Tech will win
11/20 /08

Kevin – Kari, it’s just over a week before Thanksgiving, and my head is already filled with thoughts of turkey and dressing. Oh, wait a minute. There’s this Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma matchup before all that! And, like I promised you, I am cheering for the Red Raiders. But I won’t lose a drop of sleep if they lose. I will get more than a little annoyed if they lose, and Oklahoma moves ahead of Texas in the BCS.
I’m bringing all this up because, it seems to me you have become slightly obsessed with college football this year – and with Tech in particular. It’s kind of freaking me out.

Kari – If by obsessed, you mean I’ve begun dressing like a pirate, you would be wrong. I only wear the hat sometimes and only when I think no one is watching.
And it would only be fair if Texas Tech won and ultimately made it to the National Championship.

You got Obama. Fair is fair.

Kevin – I would be ecstatic if Tech made it to the National Championship, and I would pray long and hard they fought toe-to-toe with Florida or Alabama.
I’m just wondering if they are that good, or if their over-achieving defense wilts under pressure and injuries.

What is really getting to me these days is your behavioral changes. I hear you on the telephone, plotting game strategy to God know who on the other line – and each morning, instead of music wafting through the air from your cubicle, I’m hearing sportscasters talking Tech football.

You have caught the fever, girl. And I’m hoping the ride is smooth, because if Tech loses to OU, or folds in either the Big 12 Championship or National Championship, your fall will be long, and the landing hard.

Kari – That was the sweetest thing I’ve heard you say lately, right up until I got to the second paragraph. Then I got out my handy-dandy office voodoo kit. You should be getting indigestion soon.

However Kevin, aside from Tech’s talent this year, I’ve compiled a list of reasons everyone should consider when thinking of this year’s BCS National Champion.

1. Mike Leach’s absolute lack of facial expressions no matter what his team just did. A touchdown looks just the same as a lost fumble if you’re using Leach’s face as an map of how the game is going. I’d hate to play poker with this man.

2. Darnit, Graham Harrell is just too cute.

3. Offensive lineman Brandon Carter wears a mohawk and paints his face like a wrestler. C’mon!

4. The Texas Tech Goin’ Band has the best pre-game show in the nation.

5. Since adopting the pirate motif, the word “booty” shows up every week in stories about Tech.

There’s more, but space won’t allow.

Kevin – Sounds like a Red Raider team. It would seem out of place for me to razz them, because I myself am from the Panhandle, and I know native Panhandlers are the cream of the Texas crop.

That said, Harrell is also from Brownwood (sorry Coach Ellis), so I don’t care how good looking the kid is, something ain’t right about him.

As for Brandon Carter ... too bad Iowa Park’s Tyler Duggins got hurt, and was unable to be Carter’s buddy in the trenches. I’d love to see Tyler with a mohawk, and a face painted like The Riddler.

Tech’s band has always been entertaining. Do they still run on and off the field?

My heart is with the Longhorns, but I’ll live with a Tech win over OU, because I simply hate the Sooners. Each time they land a premium Texas schoolboy recruit, I cringe, then rename the player “Benedict Arnold.”

Kari – First a joke. What’s the difference between a UT fan and a puppy? Eventually the puppy grows up and quits whining.

I feel better.

Truly, the Saturday game against OU should be a very good one.

I will be on a girl’s trip in Oklahoma City this weekend, so the plans are to watch the game from a pub-type establishment, while trying to maintain the integrity of my favorite Texas Tech shirt.

I will have you on speed-dial, Beevo Boy.

Kevin – If you are wearing a Tech shirt in Oklahoma City, you might put 911 on speed dial, too. I remember a Longhorn fan losing his family valuables in a Norman bar, attacked by an rabid OU fan who didn’t care for the man wearing a UT shirt.

Kari – Well, duh...he was wearing a UT shirt. Totally different animal. Plus, I don’t have any family valuables.

Kevin – That’s true, and what you will have is Shawnee Raines with you ... so never mind. I’m actually frightened for the Sooner fans.

Kari – True enough....Guns up!

Kevin – And good luck to Tech. May their Cinderella dress remain unmottled.

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