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Gettin' your guns up,
and other things to lay odds on


What are the odds?

What were the odds that Texas Tech would beat OU, knocking them out of the national championship?

Get yer guns up.

Book makers in Vegas put their money on Oklahoma. I won 20 bucks from a friend just for gettin’ my guns up. He had no faith.

What were the odds that one college football game would last close to five hours (due to commercial breaks) and have us leaving Lubbock at midnight because there was no room at any inn?

The odds were good, it turns out.

We got tickets to the game thinking there was a good chance it would be an early afternoon match, and planned a day trip.

Not so, according to ABC who decided to air the game, and one week before changed the gametime to 7 p.m.

Phone calls to every hotel, motel and YMCA came up short for a last-minute overnight stay and we opted to drive home after the game.

What were the odds that 10,000 fans would storm the field after the game to celebrate? Those odds were excellent and anticipated.

Get your taser guns up.

They missed me by three inches.

We took off from Lubbock shortly after midnight for a three-hour trip home.

Or so we thought.

Fueled by excitement over the win and some of the nastiest coffee offered for retail sale, I began the drive home with my Mom in the passenger seat and my daughter and niece asleep in the back seat of the car with their hands frozen in the “guns up” position.

All was well until Dickens. On the stretch between Dickens and Guthrie, there were more deer meandering on the side of the road than I had seen collectively in my life. Probably a hundred or so total.

If I were a hunter, I’d have wanted to get my gun up.

But alas, I did not.

I kept driving, trying to stay alert by taking tiny sips of coffee on the side of my mouth that hadn’t yet been seared by the boiling lava-like substance I’d purchased. Only I suspect lava is tastier.

Then I saw red and blue lights in my rear-view mirror. At 2 a.m.

What are the odds?

My history would dictate that the odds are better than average.

In my growing program to meet and greet every DPS Trooper in the state of Texas, I met close to the last one I need to on the road between here and Lubbock.

He was nice and didn’t get his guns up.

I was sort of speeding and after seeing the blisters on my lip from the coffee he took pity and just warned me about my behavior.

I thanked him, told him to tell his co-workers ‘hello’ for me and continued on.

There was some construction in Guthrie that I remembered from Saturday morning.
Strang ely, road construction looks different in the middle of the night than in the light of day.

That’s how we ended up in Aspermont at 3 a.m.

After a scenic detour through sunny Haskell, and back north to Seymour, the Raidermobile pulled into Iowa Park at 4:30 a.m.

Too early or too late - I haven’t decided which yet - to continue getting my guns up.