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Thanks for the support on petition for new Christmas lights
I would like to thank the people and businesses who signed the petition on the Christmas lights.

I attended the Sept. 10 and Sept. 24 meetings of the city council. I learned that it is a lot of work to take care of these lights year after year. My husband works for the city. I have seen what it takes to take care of and get these lights ready to put up.
Some of the Christmas ornaments are getting older. Also, when the wiring is checked, they find that some of it has been chewed by rats. Also it is getting harder to find replacement bulbs for these ornaments.

Last year my husband was getting phone calls at night and on weekends that the lights were not working. Most of the problem at the library was the electrical boxes because they need new ones. It takes an electrician to wire and put up these electrical boxes. Also it cost for each box and the wire.

There is a group of us trying to form a light committee to help the city out. I have learned that it takes a lot of hard work to get the lights and ornaments ready. Also to try and keep the lights on during Christmas.

We are hoping to raise money for newer lights and also to get more electrical boxes at the library and at the lake.

A public meeting is scheduled Oct. 9 to allow the citizens to come and express their suggestions and to learn more about the lights. I hope to see a good group of people at the meeting. Also, people have already given us some good ideas.
Carol Patnode


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