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The state surveyors that we have in Wichita County say that there is a 10-foot error that Roy Woodman from Texoma says he found in 1983. But from what Mr. Boyd from Corlett, Probst & Boyd told me is that Mr. Probst from Corlett, Probst & Boyd found it from a Iowa Park map that is located in the county court house in the Record Plat #4, Pages 14 - 16. The map shows the first lot on Victoria and Texas Street to be 40 feet and it was scratched thru and 41 feet written in above it.

Then on Victoria and Cash Street it has 40 feet. When you look at the first lot on Victoria and Bank it has 50 feet. The city administrator told us the surveyors had found that all lots east of Victoria was 40 feet. Now that the surveyors had found this 10-foot error the city had to move the north Block of 95 10 feet to the east which the city paid to do at a cost of approximately $5,000 and the city did not do the south side of Block 95 because it was owned by one person, Catlin.

Now the 10 foot shows up on Block 48 on two different lots in which the same thing happens again like Block 95 - the survey stakes fell on two different citizen’s houses.

Well the city is not going to pay for the re-plat to help the homeowners this time so the cost is to be borne by the residents on the south side of Block 48 at a cost of up to $3,000 to $6,000 to be split by the homeowners, and if they did the whole block it would be approximately $10,000. The two surveyors that did the survey on Block 48 Lot 1 and 2 was done by Texoma and Lot 12 was done by Biggs and Mathews.

Across the north side of Block 48 is Block 32 and the surveyor is Corlett, Probst, & Boyd which surveyed Lot 7, 8, & 10 and they are approximately 10 feet different than the survey done on Block 48 Lots 1 & 2.

Now then how does a homeowner on the north east side of the original townsite or east of Victoria to Bell Road believe.

I know that a surveyor gets more money in his business if they have to re-plat the blocks they find wrong now that they have found the 10-foot error. Why did it take until 1983 for Texoma to find this error and Corlett, Probst, & Boyd in 1991 to find this error or maybe it is a surveyor-made error.

I know by looking at the original Iowa Park field notes dated 30th day of August 1893 by the Mayor of Iowa Park E.A. McCleskey that it has 1900 varas from Bell Road to Pacific Ave. A Texas vara equals 33 1/3 inches, so 1900 x 33 1/3 inches divided by 12 equals 5,288.4 feet. The map the surveyor platted located in Wichita County courthouse, Plat 4, Pages 14 - 16, when adding the blocks and streets from Bell Road to west side of Victoria and using the lot on the east side of Victoria being 50 feet the measurement is 2640 feet, and from west side of Victoria to Pacific Ave., adding the blocks and streets, the measurement is 2,649 feet. When adding the two together it would be 5,289 feet, leaving only 8 inches difference not even close to 10-feet if you make the lot on the east side of Victoria 40 feet.

Now another item that is interesting is there are two city monuments across the street from Block 48 and the opposite corner from Block 48 so when you measure from city monument pin on Block 49 to the stake and pin that Biggs and Mathews staked on Block 48 the distance was, and I am no licensed surveyor, but my tape read 85 ft. 4 inches and Texowa Street is only 75 feet wide. Since I am no licensed surveyor they are correct because they have a state surveying license and have a professional opinion.

Another item on Victoria and Cash St., the west 40 ft. that Biggs and Mathews says is 40 feet they did a plat for John B. Barbour in December 1979 on the south side of the Block G Lot 7A which made all the lots on the south Block G into one large lot and Biggs and Mathews has it at 300 feet instead of 290 if the first lot would be 40 feet.
Fred Simmons


Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved