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Farabee gets high marks
When voters send lawmakers to Austin, we depend on them to do what’s right for our state; to keep our economy churning; and to take advantage of opportunities to keep our state on the forefront. We’re fortunate here in North Texas to have a champion at the Capitol who takes this responsibility seriously and consistently delivers for the people back home.

That champion is Representative David Farabee. Too often, citizens like me get distracted by the politics of government and lose sight of the hard work that actually goes on in Austin. Representative Farabee is one of the good guys because he means what he says and follows through for his constituents. It’s refreshing to see that Representative Farabee’s actions in the Texas House reflect his stated commitment to quality public education, taxpayer relief, and affordable healthcare - all with an eye toward fiscally conservative solutions.

The latest legislative session gave our representative ample opportunities to reinforce his convictions. Not only did he help pass a balanced budget - with no new taxes - but he also supported more than $14 billion in property relief. In addition to safeguarding our pocketbooks, Rep. Farabee supported the Legislature’s efforts to keep our state safe and beautiful through expanded homeland security and state park funding.

For the little ones in Texas, the Legislature dramatically expanded access to affordable healthcare for Texas’ most disadvantaged children and extended their parents’ sales tax holidays to include some school supplies. Rep. Farabee supported both measures.

In addition to embracing the good ideas of others, Rep. Farabee developed his own.

He authored legislation that provided incentives for veterans, reduced electricity costs for school districts, increased mental health benefits for Texas children and fueled economic development - especially here in North Texas.

These accomplishments read like a laundry list - an important and diverse laundry list - that shows just how many issues are actually in play at the Capitol. We sould be grateful for the lawmakers like Representative Farabee who don’t get distracted and instead work diligently toward real progress in our state. For eight years, he’s done right by the people who put him in office. I, for one, hope for at least eight more.

Jimmy W. Cook


Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved