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Halloween costumes offensive
About 10 years ago, I moved my very young and growing family to Iowa Park because of all the wonderful things I’d heard about this family-oriented community and its schools. While Iowa Park is not as “shiney” as it was when we first arrived, I have always been proud to call it my home.

Last night, I took my two younger children trick or treating in our neighborhood around Kidwell Elementary. The night was very much like other Halloween nights and the streets were packed with young children having a wonderful and exciting time.

Kids were dressed in a wide variety of costumes from Power Rangers to Spiderman to princesses and cheerleaders. The enjoyment I found in the evening was completely ruined when my children and I encountered two grown teenage boys trick or treating as well. While I do not think kids that age should continue trick or treating, what concerned me most was their choice of costumes. These two boys were dressed as KKK members, complete with flowing white robes, pointed white hats, and white cloth covering their faces.

The sight of their racist costumes horrified me. These boys paraded down the street perfectly confident that their costumes were acceptable.

I watched one of our Iowa Park Police Officers pull them over to speak with them, but after whatever words were exchanged, the boys went on their merry way.

I know that Iowa Park is not the perfect place to live, but how can this type of behavior be “ok”? Where were the parents of these children? I’ve seen the handy-work of some of our teenagers in the vandalism, destruction of personal property, keying cars in driveways, and toilet papering the homes of our elderly residents. . . but when our children dress as KKK members for Halloween and march down our city streets, I think the moral thing to do is to stand up for what’s right. At the very least, those boys should have been made to remove their sickening costumes when the police pulled them over.

I sincerely hope I was not the only parent that night offended by the sight of these children. If the parents of these two boys are reading this, I hope you are ashamed of yourself.

Name withheld by request


Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved