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Pleased with Iowa Park schools
I read the letter from the mom that is not pleased with the school district in this little town in the November 8th edition. I couldn’t ignore it. I have to say, coming from a major suburb up North and going to a school with almost 2,000 students (and that was just the high school), you all should count your blessings and feel good about this small school district. I was not happy, at first, living in such a small town, because I wasn’t used to it. I thought I wanted to move to a little bigger small town like Wichita Falls. But, after comparing Iowa Park schools to Wichita Falls schools, I’m staying! Check out the stats for yourselves to find out why.

Kids are going to be cruel anywhere. They’ve been cruel for generations. And, if you rode a school bus in the ‘70’s like I did, you would do well to remember that kids
were cruel back then, too! And, Ms. Matthews is correct. Our children’s behavior is not due to Iowa Park or the IPSD. It starts in the HOME! I’m not sure what old rules were referred to in her letter, but I believe in “training them up in the way they should go” at HOME, first! You can show your kids respect, I’m all for that, but they better show it in return to every authority figure that comes into their paths, whether it’s parents, teachers, or bus drivers. They won’t get far in this world without showing respect. The teacher’s jobs are hard enough without having to control our children. My parents were “old school” themselves. We were taught at a very early age to be courteous and respectful. As we grew older and became adults, we understood why these traits were so important. This generation of parents have lost that concept somewhere along the way.

I’m very happy that my daughter is in this school district. She has caring teachers and she loves to go to school. There will be problems along the way, I’m sure. There always will be in any school district, in any city. But, if we start in our own homes, maybe then we’ll have fewer problems.

Nancy Gregory


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