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Name Withheld by Request
I have worked in Bradford Cafeteria. In fact I worked there for five years. The same manager is still there today. I can assure you, she has nothing but the student’s best interest at heart. The rules of the cafeteria are not governed by her alone. The Principal has a hand in that as well. I have the priveledge of knowing both of these individuals. As the cashier, it was my job to get the students through the line as quickly and efficiently as possible. They only have a short time to eat. The fun part is for outside on the playground. When I was young growing up, I was taught to eat when I was at the table. It was not my fun time. Furthermore, I taught my children the same thing. Just as we go out to eat in public, we don’t play and have fun. We eat our meal and talk quietly so as not to disturb others. If parents would teach there children the simple rules of restaurant etiquette, we wouldn’t be discussing this. It is not the monitor’s job to teach your child manners, that is your job. If you do your job, then they can do their’s more effectively.

It made me ill and chuckle at the same time when you wrote, “It really truely hurts me when I am eating with my son and he looks at me and says, “Mommy why are they so mean to us?” or, “Momma why do they hate us?” What I have to say to that is, GET REAL! My children went to the same schools and dealt with the “mean ole lunch ladies” and weren’t permanently scarred for the rest of their lives. Honestly, go make a difference if you feel that there is really a problem and quit whining about it by writing to the paper and not signing your name. It would be great if the school system could afford 3 lunch monitors- but they can’t. It would be great if the students all behaved in the appropriate manner, but they don’t. If you have the time to go eat at both cafeterias..... GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

My challenge to you and any other parent who feels this injustice has befallen your child is: Volunteer your time to work in the cafeterias to help this situation. However, you must at least work at it for six weeks to get the true benefit of the situation.


Pam Tyler
(who doesn’t mind signing my name)


Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved