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Fishermen take care
when discarding hooks

Greetings fellow Iowa Parkians and especially the users of our own wonderful Gordon Lake area. I love to see folks walking, running, playing and fishing at Gordon Lake. I think it is a wonderful display of the family friendly town we call home.

I am writing this letter especially addressing the any people who fish the lake. The other evening, my husband and I took our beautiful 11 month old Boston Terrier Ester out for a walk, which we love to do when the weather permits. We were just about past the restrooms, ending our walk, when all of a sudden Ester started to cough and gag. My husband discovered that she had swallowed a bait filled fishing hook (about a size 6) that had been discarded on the grass just off the sidewalk.
Oh, did I panic. My husband scooped her up and on we went to the vet where it was discovered that the hook was caught in her esophagus. Thank God and the wonderful training of Dr. Bomar at Colonial Park Veterinary Hospital the hook was finally removed and Ester is recovering nicely.

So to those of you who enjoy fishing the lake, I say have fun and much success, but please take care when discarding yur hooks and things. We learned first hand just how dangerous these items can be.

Thank you and
God bless you all,
Nancy Nelson


Copyright 2007,, llc, all rights reserved