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National Nursing Home Week ...
May 13 - 19 is National Nursing Home Week. Nursing facilities all over the country are celebrating with special activities and events.

Nursing facilities are often criticized in the media and by the public. There have been some bad operators and employees that cast a shadow of negativity over all nursing homes. But the truth is that the Nursing Home business is one of the highest governmentally regulated businesses in the nation. In the case of Texas, the same government that so strictly regulates Nursing Facilities is the same government that fails to reimburse what it actually costs to care for these people everyday.

When most people first walk through the doors of a nursing facility they are struck by the number of wheel chairs, walkers, mssing limbs, confused and sometimes frightening patients. But the employees who enter those same doors day in and day out don’t see those things. They see people. They see the smiles, the small victories, the living history and the charm and wisdom of our elders.

As employees of American Hospice, we work side by side in many of the nursing homes in this area every day. We see the hard work these people do. Amazing and wonderful things happen in our local nursing homes all the time. There are some loving employees in every nursing facility who have dedicated their lives to caring for the sick and feeble. Let’s appreciate the nursing facilities for all the good they do in our community and for the many wonderful people who work there.

Marcia Jacobi
American Hospice


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