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Look for the helpers on days like Monday

Thursday, March 24, 2022
Look for the helpers on days like Monday

This week has felt like a month of Mondays, with Mother Nature on energy drinks acting as emcee for the event.

We were officially host to nine tornadoes in Texas Monday, with severe damage from Austin to as close to Iowa Park as Jacksboro and Bowie. This followed an outbreak of wildfires throughout West Texas starting Sunday due to very dry and windy conditions.

And just because it is Texas, the weather wears our “hold my beer” mentality like a badge of honor.

On Monday alone, much of the central and eastern portions of Texas woke up to some plain old rain, something for which we were eternally grateful, but it only quenched half the state and wildfires were still not contained. As the day went on that rain turned into thunderstorms and some of those brought strong winds, hail and tornadoes. The very same day, Amarillo and the top part of the panhandle had their very own blizzard warning as it was tired of holding its own beer.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the dog literally ate my homework (notes for a story I am working on) Monday as well, which ranks right up there with natural and unnatural disasters. I consider her a force of nature, so it all kind of made sense.

I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives since Sunday and I wasn’t directly affected by any of it except the dog part. I also feel like I’m in a snow globe that a giant lovable snow monster named George shakes up occasionally for his own amusement.

I, along with many others, know people impacted by the tragic events - whether it be someone who lost their home, or business, or our firefighters who have been in the thick of it, as they usually are.

It’s been heartening to see – as Mr. Rogers’ mother insisted he always look for – the helpers.

The Iowa Park Volunteer Fire Department, after two days of assisting other departments in Archer County with wildfires, went to assist in Jacksboro Monday evening where the worst damage was found after the storms.

I understand our fire department has several needs as we have officially entered wildfire and severe weather season - give if and where you can. They specifically need water and Gatorade-type drinks, and those can be dropped off at the fire department, adjacent to the police department. And if you have some cash you’d like to send their way, monetary donations may be mailed to P.O. Box 404, Iowa Park.

I know there are several great causes to give to - these men and women take good care of our community, and also help with others so I hope you remember them.

There is one thing about Texas that stands out. When people are in need, communities and people come together. It truly may be my favorite thing about my native state.