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Skipping over hot stones in the summer heat

Thursday, July 7, 2022
Skipping over hot stones in the summer heat

The dog days of summer are upon us, and I can see why a lot of people trip out to cooler places like the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico, where the cool breeze is worth its weight in gold.

I’m either masochistic or just plain lazy and maybe a little bit of both, because I haven’t made any plans to get out from under this heat. Well, I am taking a weekend trip in a few days to Austin with my oldest son Brady and his wife Cass. But it won’t be any cooler there. In fact, it will probably be more humid, and that guarantees a lot of sweating.

Brady and Cass just returned from a long vacation to Europe including France, Belgium and Holland ... and I lived that experience vicariously through their social media posts.

It was kind of surreal, holding a two-hour conversation with Brady while he lounged on the balcony of his rental on the Riviera in Nice. That would have been an expensive phone call a decade ago.

I don’t even have a passport, myself. The only times I ventured out of the states was to some border towns to Mexico. It’s not that I dont’ have a great desire to see the world. I am once again basically lazy and procrastinate a lot, and I don’t want to take a lot of unnecessary inoculations to make it possible.

Another friend of mine and his wife are currently on a two-week trip through England where apparently it is much cooler, because I see them in their postings wearing windbreakers or thicker jackets. I mentally bask in their chilled surroundings, up until the moment I step out the door of the office and into the sweltering confines of my car.

It’s not all bad around here. The evenings and early mornings are nice. My job is mostly indoors, and I find myself wondering how guys and girls working outside these days put up with it.

This past weekend was a fine one for Iowa Park. Saturday’s Fourth of July festivities were once against first rate. Kudos to all those who made the Pigpen Mud Volleyball Tournament a success, and all of the players scrapping around muddy arenas, hoping to earn a top three finish and send their winnings to a worthy charity or cause.

The attendance for that night’s fireworks display just keeps getting bigger. Tyler Rushing and his wife Brittany earned major raves for a fine pyrotechnic show.

It is probably the biggest public event of the year for Iowa Park, and it will likely just continue to grow.

The traffic on US 287 caught a nice break driving through the city limits. Most all of the trucks blew their horns as they were passing by.

It was a nice and maybe unexpected freebie for those out on the highway on a Saturday night.

Keep cool, everyone. This heat wave won’t last forever.