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98 new COVID-19 cases reported in Wichita County

Despite 10th death, county sees a rise in COVID-19 recoveries
Thursday, July 30, 2020
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The number of new cases of COVID-19 dropped below 100 in a seven-day period for the first time since mid-June when numbers spiked in Wichita County, and new recoveries are also up almost 50 percent.

However, another patient passed away Monday evening while hospitalized, bringing the number of COVID-related deaths to 10 in the county since March 18.

The Wichita Falls-Wichita County Health District reported 98 new cases of the novel coronavirus in Wichita County in the past seven days, with 130 new recoveries.

Asked what she attributed the drop in cases to, Lou Kreidler, Wichita County Health Director, said, “I really think people wearing their mask is making a difference. I’ve gone out, I’ve seen more people wearing masks when I have been in stores. That’s a good thing.”

“I believe the other thing we’ve done really well is contact tracing, “Kreidler continued,’ and keeping those exposed people in quarantine. I think that truly makes a difference - us insuring that people are at the point where they are no long infectious.”

Iowa Park is reporting a total of 68 total COVID cases, up three from last week. This past Friday, the health unit reported a total of 29 active cases in the Iowa Park zip code.

Several of the new cases are attributed to the Wichita County Detention Center and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Allred Unit.

Last week, the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office reported that one inmate at the Wichita County Detention Center had tested positive for COVID-19. In a statement Tuesday, Sheriff David Duke announced another 22 had tested positive in the past week.

Melvin Joyner, Deputy of the Community Services Unit released the following statement:

“On or about July 17, the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office learned that an inmate housed in the Wichita County Detention Center had tested positive for Covid 19, however the inmate was not showing any signs or symptoms. A second test was completed and came back the following week as positive. At that time all inmates that were housed in the same pod were tested as well as several others who had been previously housed in the pod. Those tests came back on July 27 and an additional 22 tested positive. We also identified four inmates that were housed in this pod but have been released from our custody. One of the former inmates has since tested positive for Covid 19.

At the present time, the inmates who have tested positive have been moved away from all other inmates and are being monitored closely by our medical staff and detention personnel. All precautions are being taken and the facility is being continually cleaned daily. Our detention staff as well as the medical staff will continue to monitor all inmates in our facility for any signs or symptoms. In addition, we have been working closely with the Wichita County Health Department with this matter.

For further information, contact Deputy Melvin Joyner at 940-766-8100, ext. 8676 or Deputy Brien Conner at 940-766-8100, ext. 8678.”

The Allred Unit of the TDCJ is reporting via the state website that they have three active inmate cases and six employee active cases.

All inmate cases are reported in the Iowa Park zip code, and the employees are reported in the county in which they live.

In addition they show one recovered offender, three recovered employees, 364 on medical restriction and 15 in medical isolation, according to the state website.

The total number of confirmed Covid cases reported in Wichita County since March 18 is 862 with 375 of those recovered. Thus far in Wichita County, a total of 14,962 residents have been tested with 13,403 of of those results negative. As of Wednesday morning, 697 tests were still pending.

The number of those hospitalized with confirmed cases of COVID-19 was 16 Tuesday evening, with seven of those in critical condition. The latest information on hospitalizations released by the WFWC Public Health District include:


Case 215: 80+, stable condition

Case 231: 60 – 69, critical condition

Case 258: 70 – 79, stable condition

Case 367: 80+, stable condition

Case 375: 80+, stable condition

Case 401: 30 – 39, critical condition

Case 436: 50 – 59, critical condition

Case 444: 70 – 79, critical condition

Case 588: 70 – 79, critical condition

Case 632: 40 – 49, stable condition

Case 643: 60 – 69, critical condition

Case 682: 50 – 59, stable condition

Case 761: 40 – 49, stable condition

Case 773: 40 – 49, critical condition

Case 808: 30 – 39, stable condition

Case 824: 20 – 29, stable condition