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County records record number of COVID-19 cases

New cases more than double in past week; 518 cases reported, 31 hospitalized
Thursday, October 15, 2020
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This has been the worst week on record for Wichita County since the first case of COVID-19 appeared here on March 18, with record numbers of new cases and hospitalizations reported in the past week.

In the past seven days, 518 new cases were reported in Wichita County as they had several days in a row of record cases, the most coming on Saturday with 115 cases reported that day. This brings the number of active cases in the county to 798 as of Tuesday night. This is the third week in a row of record cases, indicating a surge in the area. The number of hospitalizations of COVID patients rose to 31 Tuesday.

In addition, 139 recoveries were recorded in the same time period.

The Wichita Falls Wichita County Public Health District on Thursday reported the death of a 50-59 year old victim of COVID, who was hospitalized at the time of death.

This week the Iowa Park CISD reported three student infections. One Iowa Park High School student got a notification of a positive test on October 6 and was classified as a low risk to the campus. The next day, a Kidwell Elementary student and W.F. George Middle School student were notified of positive tests, but they were classified as no risk to their campuses as they had not been at school.

Wichita County Health Director Lou Kreidler addressed the large rise in cases, saying “People need to avoid groups, avoid going to parties. If they’re not going to wear their mask and do their best to social distance, we are never going to slow this down. People need to limit their activities.”

“People are tired of Covid and they want to live their life as normal,” Kreidler continued, “ And we’re going to continue to see the spread of Covid in large numbers until people curtail their extracurricular activities.”

Addressing the upcoming Halloween festivities, she said, “We need to really think about the ways to have a fun and safe Halloween without having large Halloween parties.”

As of last Friday evening, the health unit was reporting that the Iowa Park zip code had 42 active cases, or 7.07 percent of those in the county. The health unit released total by zip code each Friday, and the Iowa Park Leader posts the results each week to social media so local residents can be informed more quickly.

As of Tuesday evening, a total of 26,566 Wichita County residents had been tested for COVID-19, with 2,569 of those positive since March 18. Of those, 1,745 have recovered. The number of tests pending is 659 as of Tuesday evening.

Of the 31 people hospitalized with confirmed cases of COVID-19 currently hospitalized, six of those listed are in critical condition, including an 11 to 19 year old.. The latest information on hospitalizations released by the WFWC Public Health District include:


Case 1,876: 50 - 59, critical

Case 1,883: 70 - 79, stable

Case 1,955: 70 -79, stable

Case 1,961: 30 - 39, stable

Case 1,985: 60 - 69, stable

Case 2,085: 60 - 69, stable

Case 2,123: 60 - 69, stable

Case 2,140: 40 - 49, stable

Case 2,151: 50 - 59, stable

Case 2,155: 80+, stable

Case 2,174: 60 - 69, stable

Case 2,197: 80+, stable

Case 2,227: 80+, stable

Case 2,264: 50 - 59, stable

Case 2,317: 60 - 69, critical

Case 2,366: 80+, stable

Case 2,379: 70 - 79, stable

Case 2,380: 70 - 79, stable

Case 2,385: 20 - 29, stable

Case 2,406: 80+, stable

Case 2,411: 30 - 39, stable

Case 2,412: 70 - 79, stable

Case 2,434: 60 - 69, stable

Case 2,460: 60 - 69, critical

Case 2,462: 60 - 69, stable

Case 2,465: 70 - 79, critical

Case 2,468: 60 - 69, stable

Case 2,513: 60 - 69, stable

Case 2,544: 60 - 69, critical

Case 2,545: 60 - 69, stable

Case 2,569: 11 - 19, critical

With the rapidly rising hospitalization rates in Wichita County United Regional Health Care System addressed their bed capacity in relation to the pandemic in a statement Wednesday.

“As of this morning, United Regional has 43 confirmed positive COVID patients in house, which is our record high to-date. As a result, we have expanded our COVID units from approximately 40 to 48 beds, with a plan to convert additional beds as needed.

“While we currently have capacity for both COVID and non-COVID patients, if the past week’s sharp spike in hospitalized COVID patients continues, we will likely experience staffing strains. We can and will then call upon the other hospitals in our region to assist, consistent with our disaster preparedness plan.

“We’re also seeing significant volumes within our Emergency Department and URPG clinic sites related to the substantial rise in individuals with COVID-like symptoms and the resulting suspected and confirmed COVID patients.

“We continue carrying out previously implemented protocols to ensure the safety of our patients and to further prevent the spread of COVID in the community. Some of those protocols include increased use of virtual medicine, drive-thru testing, curbside registration and limiting visitors in our facilities.

“We urge the community to take basic precautions such as wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands, and also encourage everyone six months of age and older to get a flu shot.”

County Health Director Lou Kreidler noted Wednes day that the number of hospitalizations the county reports are Wichita County residents, while the number of patients recorded at the hospital could include patients from out of county that are not included in local reports.

Wichita County New Covid

Cases by Month

(First case reported here March 18)

March 18

April 27

May 19

June 279

July 539

August 422

September 548

October (thru 10/13) 697

Total cases reported


As a reminder the Health District COVID hotline is 940-761-7909.