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IPHS student body does good

Thursday, September 30, 2021
IPHS student body does good

Lady Hawk volleyball has seen a good contingent of fans at their home matches, and it was again so on the road Tuesday at Burkburnett.

What was new for Iowa Park was a display of vibrant student body support. Vibrant and colorful, and it made me proud to see it.

Dozens of students showed up dressed colorfully, like some of Mardi Gras thing. Heck, even girls athletic director Griffin Fields was in costume. Not only were they visual, the students were very loud, and waved a number of hand-painted signs during the match.

Frankly, I’d love to see the same display of support at Hawk football games!

I’m not sure if this is the start of something new, or just a one-off with the IPHS students matching the traditional rowdiness in sound and numbers from the Burk kids.

And it would be a nice new tradition for IPHS students to adopt and build on down the line.

It adds color and excitement at matches and games. And I know the players and coaches appreciate the show.

Spread it to football, basketball, baseball and softball. If you do tennis (and golf), though, you have to be measured and timely with your cheering. That darned etiquette thing.

At track meets? Yell all you want, except at just the moment before the gun goes off to start a race.

But for now, IPHS student body, build and grow what you did Tuesday. It gives you something positive to do after hours, and it is a time you can dress like Halloween and get away with it.

The Lady Hawks are off to a great start in district at 2-0. Help propel them to 3-0 Friday afternoon in Hawk Gym when we play Vernon. Those Lady Lions can be a tough, pesky bunch.

The Mean Green football team improved to 2-3 Friday with the end of non-conference action, and will be open this week.

See if ya’ll can turn out in force next Friday when we open up district play at home against Mineral Wells.

In addition to dressing colorful and being vocal, maybe you can even employ other fun stuff like that jump-in-place action you see at Wisconsin and Ohio State football games.

In conclusion, good show IPHS student body Tuesday in Burk.

I’d love to see the show continue.