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It’s Christmas spirit time - everybody rally

Thursday, December 9, 2021
It’s Christmas spirit time - everybody rally

It’s that time of year again.

We are winding down from the hella year we have survived up to today, just in time to make sure the Christmas holidays are thoughtful and perfect, even if we don’t feel so thoughtful and perfect.

Shopping, baking and planning with just the right amount of thoughtfulness requires extra concentration for me this year for some reason.

This year, most of us have made it through a lot, but sadly some of us were not so lucky.

We’re in the second year of a world-wide pandemic that seems to be operating on a manic seesaw; we have politicians who’ve embraced using voters as their most effective and hateful weapons against each other and our country; three men with enough money to solve world hunger for eternity instead this year took separate 15 minute flights to the edge of space for the same money; we are now facing learning the Greek alphabet whether we like it or not (there may be a pop quiz); and I personally lost three car tires under suspicious and tragic circumstances.

And yet I’m grateful and hopeful, mostly because none of those things define me, or thank God, you. That’s where I’m starting with my holiday spirit.

What does define me is that I love what Christmas represents and I take it as an opportunity to remember there is always more good than ugly and each of us can do our parts.

Because I was terrified of delayed shipping, I finished my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving and shipped it to my kids, who we will meet up with at Christmas. And don’t you worry, I was extremely thoughtful.

I’ll start my flour-sugar-egg therapy this week, which is like a moving meditation where I get a high calorie prize in the end, as well as a mental health boost.

The thing is, I’m working hard to give myself three weeks to not worry about the crazy in the world, and just appreciate the spirit of Christmas that transcends all that is not good.

I hope each of you are able to move into your happy Christmas place and stay there.

Update on Operation Ya Ya fitness. Week two of squats: Buns of cheap aluminum; I opened a new pickle jar and chased my dog into our neighbor’s yard and didn’t die. All wins.