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Screaming “TAKE MY MONEY” can actually bring you joy

Thursday, August 19, 2021
Screaming “TAKE MY MONEY” can actually bring you joy

This week my husband walked in on me yelling “TAKE MY MONEY!” at the TV during a commercial for the new Sharpie S Gel pen and he had the look of a man in no hurry to get hearing aids.

There’s not much in this world better to me than a good writing instrument, and when I find one, well ... Chef’s kiss.

Everyone has their freak flag, you know. My mom’s is shoes. I have a friend who gets that feeling at garage sales, a sister who has a thing for a large Sonic Coke with extra ice, a husband who screams ‘take my money’ at anything that makes the yard look good. It just happens to be smooth pens and all the paper that makes my tummy tickle.

My current steady in the pen department is the Uniball Vision fine point, but I’m not married to them. If anyone has tried the aforementioned Sharpie Gel Pen, let me know how you like it. Yes, I am that obsessed.

Luckily my obsession dovetails beautifully with my quest to own as many journals, notebooks and datebooks as I can so I can fill them up with all my thoughts, and potentially haunt my children long after I’m gone. I have warned them, and I predict a burn pit shortly after I leave this world - for the journals. They’ll fight over the pens.

But here’s the deal. My Mom is always the cutest lady in the room, my friend gets tremendous joy from garage sales, my sister’s big indulgence is something so simple, and I have to admit our yard is beautiful and green. And I will never be at a loss for a way to communicate what I’m thinking about, which is probably at the root of my compulsions.

I hope you have something simple you scream “TAKE MY MONEY!” at, because it means you have a passion. And if you have a passion, even for something simple, you aways have something to look forward to.