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On Second Thought

Thursday, February 28, 2019


Log on, tune in, follow the Leader

It’s been a fun couple months, and tomorrow we begin unpacking those nesting dolls here at the Iowa Park Leader.

In other words, tomorrow we launch our new website.

After that, what our newspaper looks like will change somewhat, but we renew our commitment to give you honest and fair news, just with a fresher look.

I bring this up because tomorrow has potential to be a goat rodeo with our dear readers logging on to the website.

First, everyone with a current subscription has free access to the entire website, but there is a way to do that easily and it’s my job to try and relay that information. So, here goes:

Log on to our website,, and soak in the new look.

Click on the button that says “Already A Print Subscriber?” Once there, it will allow current subscribers to register for digital access, after providing full contact information and creating a user name and password.

Even if you aren’t yet a subscriber, go to the website and poke around - check out our Marketplace where local businesses are highlighted, or thumbnails of stories for the week.

We now offer a pay wall where anyone can subscribe online from $30 to $35. This will give you a delivered print issue with online access for current issues as well as archived issues, and (this is big) they are searchable! For most folks, digital access and the actual print product will cost right at 58-cents per week.

Also, access to single digital issues are available for a buck.

But I want to remind those who may get angry at having to pay to read our news online - it is not free to gather or produce the news.

Many of us are used to clicking on a story on social media and reading it for free. That won’t be the case with our website. In fact, the only free news content will be obituaries.

We work hard to get the news to and for our readers, often working nights and weekends when the coverage demands it. And we are no different than other community newspapers.

Salaries, printing bills, thousands of dollars in camera equipment, travel expenses, computers and programs, and even this beautiful new website figure into what it costs to get the news about Iowa Park to you each week, as only an Iowa Park newspaper can.

We are excited about these changes and anticipate some confusion as we navigate these new waters, so please bear with us.

As a privately-owned community newspaper, we are fiercely committed to covering the Iowa Park community in every aspect. We do our best and have doubled-down on our efforts to catch the things we may have missed.

We have been and continue to be grateful for your support the past 50 years and beyond.

We formally invite you to “Follow the Leader,” be a partner in our growth and check out our new website tomorrow, and stay with us for more changes next week.